What’s The Worst Breakup You’ve Ever Heard? (Part 3)

Breakups are never good, and I mean never ever never ever. Repeat 1 zijimillion times. In this third and final installment of “What’s the worst breakup you’ve ever heard?” I’m about to share in what I believe the worst story I’ve heard and oddly enough, a realization that there are worse stories out there waiting to be heard.

Again, I’m no expert in love, dating, or marriage. In fact, I honestly think I absolutely suck at this whole love business. I’m like a freakin’ turtle trying to learn how to fly. Like an African kid attempting to play ice hockey. Like a student desperately solving Grade 11 Mathematics…. Oh wait, that last one is exactly me. It’s that bad. Thus, I am no stranger to heartbreak, heartache, and whatever negative word you can attach to the word Heart. I’d like to say that I’m the only victim here, but of course not, and of course in most cases I am the one who causes the pain to people. That’s me, breaking hearts since ’88! (Cue 80’s power ballad love song here).

I know it’s been a month since parts 2 and 3. I was busy, to say the least and if you read my previous post, I was looking for words to write.

Through these entries, I’ve realized that there are people who have gone through some real shit in their relationships. Nobody should compare situations however. Your journey is your own and you shouldn’t feel too happy or too sad about your own situation when you compare it with other people. There’s always a reason why someone is going through something. Even though I do realize that there are really worse stories out there, I just want to say, I feel you and hope you’re getting better.

Anyway, here is the third and final part of “What’s the worst breakup you’ve ever heard?”

3) It was not meant to last


Krissy and Mike were together for 4 years. Normal couple I should say. They had their share of happy moments and fond memories, and just like every other couple, they’ve had their downs, trials, and fights. But through it all, they stayed true to each other.

They got engaged and everything was pretty set at that point. It all seems like a fairytale right?


Engaged and ready for marriage, it all seemed too good to be true. Call me skeptic, but somehow things aren’t always what they seem. And true enough, Mike called off the wedding because of vague reasons. They were so vague that Krissy didn’t even believe him at all. They were shallow reasons covered by fear, doubt, and cowardice.

To make matters worse, the man called it off on Valentine’s Day. It was a punch to the gut, a knife to the heart, and a goddamn waste.


Courageously, Krissy got back up on her feet after months of going through sheer pain and shame. You could imagine. After months of going through the typical shit after a breakup, she decided she wanted to be better. Her aftermath story is something of a magazine story – “Girl overcomes breakup through working out.” And that’s exactly what happened. She gathered her bearings and went out and became one badass sexy chic by working out and living healthy. Trust me on this one. I saw photos of her before the breakup and she was no way near to who she is today. Today she’s a bonafide beach girl. She lived in the gym and became a total babe. All that rage, pain, and all that emotion was devoted into making a better version of herself.


As I was writing this particular entry, I may have heard another story that would top #3. Seriously. I was part of a training session for a client I was working for and one of the trainers, let’s just name her Marian, shared one story that made realize that I am too young and too inexperience to have my own list of the worst breakups. The story made me feel… well, to put it frankly, it made me feel that I knew nothing.

I won’t go into the details but Marian saw his man cheating after 11 years of being together. 11 freaking years. And they broke up on New Year’s Eve. What an asshole!  I’ll leave it at that I guess.

So if you’re reading this and who have gone through some sort of shitty breakup, take heart and give yourself a break. Your ex may or not be an asshole so let’s not compare stories. The point is not to feel better or worse of yourself when you hear or read about other people’s breakups, but it is about realizing that love is precious to other people. It’s special. Well, it’s supposed to be special and no one has the right to feel unwanted and unloved.



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