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Does Your Dream Matter To Others?

I wasn’t sure if the type of song that they played was common when someone was leaving the office. I’ve experienced a couple of going away dinners and seen going away videos to gauge enough what a going away song should play. Usually it would be a song about friendship; you know, insert slideshow of you and your officemates in random poses during the time you stayed with them.

The song they played for me when I left my work place was “I Can Go The Distance” from the Disney movie Hercules. I found it touching and inspiring that after months from that going away dinner, I still find myself remembering the people I left and that song. That song.

At that time when we were watching the various pictures of me with my numerous friends in the office, you could say that the song had a different effect on me then as compared to know months later. Back then, it was all about me. My time. My chance to “go the distance.”

Months after, something changed.

The more I pursue my dreams, slowly I realized the bigger picture that envelops it. People can be so consumed and so focused about pursuing their own dreams and not think of anything or anyone else.

Telling someone how successful you are (or not successful) can affect someone in different ways. It can cause that person to be jealous of what you have. Maybe you made that person think you’re a total show-off. Or maybe, they simply don’t care.

What I realized though was that going after your goals can and should inspire other people. Everyone looks up to someone right? You might be surprised on how many people look up to you. You may not realize it but people do. People are cheering for you. People are rooting for you. They genuinely want you to succeed. It’s not only a matter of you achieving your dreams but it reflects on other people’s dreams. They look to you so that they can look into their own lives.

So go on, keep dreaming. Take on life like you’ve never taken it before. For your sake, and for the people around you. Go the distance.



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Is There A Story In Your Dream?



For the past couple of months I’ve been exploring a lot on the meanings and symbols of the dreams we see at night. I even wrote two essays about dreams and it seemed that they just got stranger and more like fiction each night.

Call it fate or even luck, but I was fortunate enough to think that maybe these dreams have stories. Sometimes I’d be the protagonist, talking to an old acquaintance or often times I’d just be a casual observer. Nonetheless, I’ve decided to write stories based on my dreams. These are inspired by a lot of things including my own life, the life of the people around me, and the life I see everyday. And of course, the stories will be sparked by my dreams.

I’d like to introduce my new blog –

If you’ve enjoyed Pending Questions in the past couple of months, I’m hoping you’ll also enjoy the stories that I have to tell. (But don’t worry, of course I’ll still write here! )

For instance, the first story in the blog, When Mrs. Cloud Walked Up To Mr. Tornado, is a story I developed through my constant dreams of a tornado. Yes, I do realize that it’s strange for me, or for anyone for that matter, to dream about a twisting behemoth, but for as long as I can remember, dreams about tornadoes kept coming up. Maybe I’ve watched too much Wizard of Oz or even Twister but I just see them in my sleep. I don’t know what they mean but maybe there’s no real meaning. Maybe I’m just meant to write a story about it.

I remember watching a documentary about the legendary filmmaker James Cameron. He said that he got the inspiration for Avatar when he was just a teenager and he dreamed of blue human-like creatures. The guy freakin’ dreamed about this strange world that he was going to make decades later. He said he didn’t even try to understand the creatures or symbols in his head, but instead he drew and sketched the images that would eventually become the hit movie.

I don’t know what kind of stories I’ll write. I’m thinking (well hoping honestly) that these short stories will be a tender mix of Aesop’s Fables, stories of Oscar Wilde, and even a taste of David Sedaris’.

I’m excited to write. I’m excited to tell stories. And I’m finally excited to dream.


 Below is from the Waking Life Stories About page:

Waking Life Stories is a collection of fiction short stories loosely based on everyday experiences, memories, and most importantly dreams. Dreams have their own stories to tell in our sleep. Sometimes we can control their outcome while in other cases we are just observers on how a story unfolds in our heads. Whether they are based on your life’s journey like a talk with your friend or as bizarre and random as two dogs having a cup of coffee, all dreams have stories. They don’t necessarily have to mean anything, but finding meaning in them is not necessarily the point. We are to watch, listen, and observe what they have to tell.

Some of the stories here have a moral lesson speaking about the beauty and tragedy of life while some are simply stories with no specific lesson to teach other than your own understanding of the characters.

Come dream with me.


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Can Love Reveal Itself In Dreams?



Love and Dreams don’t often come together. In fact, they rarely do. Even if you do dream about your lover, ex, future husband/wife, there’s no confirmation and you’re just left with assumptions. The mind just plays tricks on you and you’re there lying in your bed wondering what it all meant. It’s tricky, unreliable, and frustrating.

I never thought that relationships could reveal itself in any other situation other than facing that person face to face let alone through dreams. I mean, I’ve dreamed about myself, my friends, even my exes, but they hardly brought any meaning. If anything, they confused me even more.

The story I’m about to share is apparently a true one as told by my friend Bianca. I can’t remember all the details, just the important ones, heck, I don’t even remember what we were talking about before she got into the story.

So it goes like this:

A Boy and a Girl were in love.

Tragically, the Girl and her family were killed leaving the Boy utterly devastated.

The Boy met a new girl but was hesitant in diving in deeper into the relationship because he didn’t know what his old Girl would say.

Now the tricky part, the dream.

One night, the Boy dreamed about his Girl. He saw that she was holding his hand and somehow carrying it into someone else’s hand. He didn’t see who was the person in front of her but he just knows that his Girl gave his hand to someone else. The Boy told his dream to his current girlfriend. Surprisingly, his new girl also had a dream.

In her dream, he saw the Boy’s hand being given to him from somebody. She wasn’t able to see who was with his Boy but they were able to hold each other’s hand because of that somebody.

You can probably put the pieces together right? I don’t even have to say what it all meant. If that isn’t a sign I don’t know what is. That was freaky and pretty amazing. I wish I could have one of these dreams though. Recently I’ve been dreaming a lot and I even dreamt about two separate dreams in one night but never like the story above. The ones I have about love… love for food and sports. Not exactly romantic but hey I’ll take it.



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What’s In A Dream? (Part 2)


I told myself the other night that if I had another weird dream I’d write about it. I’ve been having more strange dreams the past few nights but the last one was so real that it took me a few moments to realize that it was only a dream.

I was talking to a dear friend of mine whom I haven’t talked to for quite sometime. I don’t want to explicitly tell here what we were talking about but it was about picking up right where we left off the last time we spoke. It was fun, heartwarming, and with a hint of nostalgia like putting a cherry on top of a good ice cream. It felt so real to me in my thoughts unlike all other dreams I had recently wherein I knew that a dream was happening. Sometimes you just know when you’re dreaming right? It’s like you can think for your own while the dream is actually happening. This was different because I was engrossed in our conversation like the person was speaking to me in both heart and mind.

The clincher of the whole thing was the feeling I had when I eventually woke up. Like I said, it felt so real that when it stopped it took me a few seconds to collect myself and realize it was only a dream. The first thing that crossed my mind was “Damn it was only a dream?!” I wanted to give a massive F you to the dream gods because it played so much with my emotions.

Dreams are unfair because sometimes you can control what’s happening but on other times you just tag along for the ride. Things just make sense while you’re dreaming; though when you really thinking about it when you wake up, that made no sense at all. You can be dreaming about your old highschool which is now situated at a top of a hill in the dream and think that makes perfect sense but when you stop and think, why the heck is my highschool on top of a hill with a big old church right beside it? You have no control with what’s happening, you just accept it the way it is while you’re dreaming. Dreams permits the unconscious to wander around the thoughts or desires you may have that you don’t know while you’re conscious. You’re vulnerable to its traps and can let you feel what you don’t want to feel.

I felt angry and uneasy when I woke up not only because I thought it was real, but also because my conversation with my friend didn’t actually happen. In a way the dream sort of made sense because I haven’t talked to her for what seemed like a very long time and maybe the dream was telling me something. I also know that now that I am awake, I can’t just go ahead and talk to that person. It’s weird if I just randomly message her out of the blue. There are some friends you can tell random stuff, but you and I both know that there are others who will find it weird and maybe even intrusive if you tell them about it. Somehow there are restrictions that people build between them and that’s where I find the conflict. My unconscious probably wants to talk to her but my awake and conscious self prevents it because it’s not that simple. It felt perfect and right in the dream, but wrong and conflicting now that I’m awake.

If I have another weird and uncontrollable dream in the next few days, maybe I’ll look for a psychiatrist or something. Or maybe just write about it. This is one of those pending questions that will haunt me for the rest of my life.


What’s In A Dream (Part 1) can be found here –

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What’s In A Dream?

Don’t you always wonder what your dreams meant? I’m not taking about I-want-to-be-a-basketball-player type dream but the kind of dreams that you see in your head when you sleep. Don’t you just say to yourself, “what was that?” after you’ve dreamed about something? Whether it’s a good dream or a bad dream, we are always left with a sense of amazement and mystery. Now, I’ve never been a big dream guy. I don’t dream a lot in my sleep but lately I’ve been having quite a lot. I find it both fun and interesting when I think about how diverse and random my dreams are.

Is there a way to interpret dreams? Well, yes and no. I remember back in college I had this one class that discussed the possibility of understanding dreams. I can’t really recall but I think it was my Counseling class. Anyway, I specifically remember the teacher giving us handouts that contained pointers how to break down a dream. Some of them included a few things like: were there people? Were the images blurry or did you see them as you would see them if you were awake? What other elements were there? Was it in first person or a third person point of view? Supposedly answers to these questions would mean a better understanding of a person’s dream.

Now of course they were just pointers how to possibly understand a dream, but you can’t really know all there is to know. Dreams can mean different things for different people. Some of the things to consider are – maybe you are going through some trial, maybe it’s a recurring thing that you’ve always put off but now comes in a form of a dream, maybe it’s a premonition of the future, but then again maybe it’s simply just a meaningless dream. As humans we can’t really know for sure. If there was one guy who knew exactly what his dreams were it’s probably Joseph from the Bible aka Joseph The Dreamer. That guy was spot on about his predictions of the future.

So below are three of my dreams from previous nights. I’ve tried to decipher them but more than anything I just find it really interesting and funny.

Dream #1

My first dream started out strangely good then it quickly became weird. I was in a hotel room and I sort of knew where I was exactly. I think I was in a Shangri-La hotel and in a room where my family used to stay in when we’d have a vacation. But in this dream, I was alone with a girl. She’s an American actress though she’s not that famous; not famous to the point I don’t even recall her name. She wore a loose white see-through shirt the kind you can see what color of bra the girl was wearing. She had sort of a punk/emo vibe with her complete with eyeliner and weird highlights in her blonde hair. We seemed to know each other pretty well because out of nowhere we started making out. In my mind while we were kissing was “Who are you?” I kept asking that question kiss after kiss. Then she started to bend down and she was about to open my fly when I realized what was happening or at least I knew what was about to happen next. It felt weird because I felt like I was cheating on my wife. The whole thing felt awkwardly wrong. It’s double weird because I don’t even have a wife. Anyway, before anything else can happen I decided to wake up. It was such a relief to wake up because I didn’t want to sleep with her. I remember a line from a Flight of the Conchords song – Just because you’ve been exploring my mouth doesn’t mean you get to take an expedition for the south! Hilarious song. Anyway, all I can think about was her face and who exactly was she. I mean, if it was a known celebrity and one my celebrity crushes things could have ended differently. But no, it was some random actress who’s not even famous yet. It could have been Emma Watson but no. Damn it.

Dream #2

The next night I had another dream. In this dream I was in a basketball court. The setting was in an American type gymnasium and the closest thing resembling to the place is probably a scene from High School Musical. Terrific. Even though I couldn’t see how much time left was on the clock I just knew time was running out and our team had to make the next bucket. Our coach was on the sidelines and he wasn’t on a typical bench, surprisingly he was on a chair and had a table in front of him. It was like he was at the scorer’s table with the statistician on his right and nobody else was with him, no bench players or whoever. I still remember his face. He’s the coach who won the NCAA championship in the States just this previous March. Of course in the dream I could care less as to how or why he was the coach all I knew is that I couldn’t let him down.

So there we were, seconds away from a win or an agonizing defeat. I clearly saw what type of jerseys my teammates and I were wearing. We were wearing white so obviously we were the home team with blue-patched numbers placed on our backs. They had no names, just the colors blue and white. The play was for me to take the last shot. The plan was to come off a series of screens for me to get the ball and then try to make a play out of it.

The referee blows the whistle and the play begins. We were five on the court as the ball was about to be inbounded and I was supposed to loose my defender by going through my teammates. I get an opening by curling through a screen and my teammate passed me the rock. Surprisingly, the ball moved in slow motion as though I could see the lines of the ball coming closer and closer into me. I get the ball and I started driving to the hoop. Then all of a sudden I realize there weren’t five defenders on the floor, but there was just two: a boy and a girl. I had the girl defending me and she had this short and extremely straight black hair and she was up on my grill harassing me to not get to the rim. I stopped my dribble and tried to pull up for a jump shot. Right then and there it dawned on me that something was terribly wrong. You see, the fundamentals of shooting a jump shot was you aim and shoot the ball with your dominant hand and used the other hand as support. I shot the ball with two hands. Great. I released the ball and saw my two arms stretch out and I knew immediately this shot had a .0001% of getting in. I just knew man. I shot it from the right baseline and my shot veered off way to the left. I missed the rim by a parking lot. Like I could have hit a cheerleader on the sideline with the way I shot the ball. The buzzer sounded and of course we lost the game. I remember going to my coach and he had his face flat on the table and when I came over he had this utmost disgust in his face. He had the “you let me down” look. Then I woke up. You know the first thing I thought after the feeling of losing? The play started out with 4 of my teammates and myself on the court plus another person inbounding the ball. So that’s 6 people in the play for my team against TWO people: a dimwit boy and a girl with a stupid hair and I lost the game. Nice.

Dream #3

Dream number three was short and somewhat a bit clearer than the previous two. In this dream, I was walking along Katipunan probably in front of Prince David or just in front of 7/11 something like that. I was walking towards the store (moving away from Ateneo just to be clear where I was headed) when I saw my highschool classmate AJ. I vaguely see him and he was wearing a white shirt wearing an ID with a red lanyard. Possibly a work uniform? I don’t know. Then just when I was about to say hi, I hear someone calling my name. As I turn, I see another classmate, Matt, which was odd since he now lived in Las Vegas. To make things even weirder, I see him wearing the same get up as AJ. And so we all meet up in the sidewalk and begin to talk about random stuff. All the while I had a feeling I was supposed to have a serious conversation with Matt. I don’t know what exactly what were going to talk about but I sort of knew we were bound to have a discussion on something. Weird. And then the dream ended just like that.

Again, I’m no big dream guy and I don’t know what these dreams meant. Maybe I’m going to hook up with a celebrity (Emma Watson please), miss a game winning shot (Please no), or meet with my classmates (which is more likely). In any case, I don’t want to put too much meaning on my dreams. Maybe they’re just there for amusement and well, something to write about.

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