What’s Your Season Finale?

All the good TV show nowadays have a season finale. With the season finale, the series can have its closure, its climax or a turning point, or it can even breed new scenarios and possibilities for the upcoming season. We’ve probably all experienced the joy, sadness, suspense, and excitement of watching a TV show’s season finale.

In a way, the end of a year can be a season finale. Every human being in the entire planet can experience a LOT of things over the course of a single year. You may not notice it, you may not even admit it, but a lot has happened to you this year. Think about it. Even if you’ve been doing the same thing or being in the same job the past couple of months, you can’t say that the same thing exactly happened, right? I don’t think it’s possible at all. Things change, people change, and your own self has changed.

With the New Year upon is, what can you expect in your personal life in the next two weeks? Will you end on a good note? A sour one? One filled with redemption or forgiveness? There are a bunch of possibilities and it’s up to you to reflect and think what this past year has given you.

We all know time moves quickly, but we mustn’t forget to pause and reflect. The holidays is the perfect time to think about what you’ve gone through the past year. Think of all the hurt, pain, as well as the joy and happiness that you experienced.

The thing about season finales is that there’s always the next season. We’re not taking about a series finale or anything like that. One season can end but a new season is waiting right around the corner. Sometimes we just have to accept all the things we’ve gone through in the year and prepare for the next one.

It’s up to you to make your season finale of 2014 memorable.

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