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Are You Comfortable With The Silence?

“Some people are uncomfortable with silences. Not me. I’ve never cared much for call and response.

Sometimes I will think of something to say and then I ask myself: is it worth it? And it just isn’t.”

—Miranda July, No One Belongs Here More Than You

Sculpture by Anders Krisar


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What’s The Point?

Ever worked on something but then stop at middle and ask, “What the hell is the point of doing this?”

Yeah, those times.

Sometimes there is no point. Maybe you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing in the first place.

But in other times, you know there has to be a point to everything. You know there is an absolute purpose as to why you’re doing this or doing that. There has to be.

But knowing there is a purpose doesn’t automatically translate you fulfilling that specific purpose. Right?

Again, what if you’re doing one thing, and it’s perfectly fine and all at the start, but then you realize just when you’re about to finish that, maybe, just maybe, you wasted your time. Knowing there is something doesn’t necessarily mean that that something is yours. What if it’s for someone else? Maybe

Maybe theirs is no point. No purpose. No mission. No cosmic reason. And it’s just you, and you alone, trying to figure things out.

But then again maybe not. Either way, we have to toil and work our butts off.

We continue to grind. We put our heads down and hope for the best. We’re not quite sure of the outcome but we’ll try our damn hardest to come out on top.

Maybe there is no point, but at least I’m going somewhere. It might not be the destination I am destined to reach, but I am still going somewhere. You can be damn sure of that.

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Are You Still Messed Up?

Sorry for the quality of the video. But this scene from Adam Sandler’s Reign Over Me still gets me every single time.

Sometimes it’s scary to admit that we’re messed up. It’s weakness. It’s humility. It’s admission to failure.

When you’re young you tend to think and say to yourself, “When I’m 30, I’ll be all set up. I’ll have a decent job, a family, a house, etc.” But then you get older and realize things don’t often go as planned. They just don’t. Sometimes you get messed up along the way and you spend the next few months, or even years trying to get back on your feet.

Even when sometimes you think everything is pretty okay at one point, there’s always that one instance that makes you reflect and realize maybe you’re still not where you want to be. I guess that’s okay. It’s alright. Maybe you need a little more time. Whatever it is you’re going through, you are where you are for a reason. Feel whatever you need to feel. If you feel you need to be sad, then be sad. If you want to fight the feelings, then fight it. The point is let this issue of your life take its course.

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