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How Much Do You Love Others?


In our world today, it’s really difficult to think about others. In a time when personal development, growth, and imaging, are so important, people often can’t help but think of themselves first. Sure, they can’t think about other people, heck, they can give charity and all that, but somehow their compassion for others are shallow. Everybody can give money to the poor and be nice to the people around them, but do they love?

How much do you love others? I mean really really love other people. I’m not just talking about your parents, friends, wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, or whatever. Does your love also extend to other people? Do you love strangers or a person you just met? Are you genuinely interested in that person?

What does it mean to even love other people? The word “love” has been thrown around without meaning at times. What does it mean to say “to love others as much as yourself?”

To be honest, I don’t really know how this works. But in some divine intervention, I can’t stop thinking about other people. For the past couple of nights within a month or so, my friends have begun to consult me about their problems. I don’t know if it’s my psychology background or it’s my openness as a friend but I’ve begun to really feel the weight of their sorrows and stress.

On one hand, I’m glad they consult me not because I want to be known as a really good friend and all that BS, but because I get to help them. There’s a reason why we got to talk. There’s a reason that each person is going through something.

On some days however, I find that the weight of their troubles to be unbearable. Something changed in me that if someone feels bad, I don’t want to feel happy until that someone is happy as well. Is this loving others? If I really take “loving others as much as myself” literally, is this what it’s supposed to mean? So okay, if I love myself and I also love my neighbor, wouldn’t I do everything I can so that my neighbor can also be better?

Do you love the people in your workplace? Your neighbor? The people on the streets? Do you look at them with eyes of love and compassion or with fear and resentment? Walk around with love. Instead of merely talking to someone about another random conversation, talk to them with love. Give and sacrifice till it hurts because most of the time, that’s what love is. Empty yourself for others so that love can fill you.

It’s all about love not in a sugar-coated typical sense, but really giving your life to other people.


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How’s The New Year Going?

We’re nearly seven months into 2014. Can you believe that? Just a couple of months ago I was writing about the upcoming year and if it was going to be better than the last. Maybe now is the perfect time to stop and reflect on the past seven months. Were you able to complete the goals you set aside? What about the resolutions you decided to make? How different is this year from the last?

The fact that we are seven months in brings about different reactions from people. Some are excited, some are already feeling regret, while some just didn’t realize we’re more than halfway into the year.

A lot can happen in a couple of months, what more in a year?

Maybe time is relative. Our own personal timelines are totally different from the universe’s. Let’s say our definition of one year can be simply just one month and not longer.  We won’t know for sure really. I mean, we don’t know what the Egyptians or Romans or some ancient ancestors thought when they made the calendar.

Maybe we shouldn’t base our progress in a calendar. The longevity of a job, of a training, or even a relationship can be subjective. To some a day in the office is a rush and just a blink of an eye while some feel like it’s an eternity. In the same way, can’t a year feel like the same?

On a personal note, I’ve let things flow more this time around. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not just a “I’ll see how this goes” kind of perception. I’ve been letting things flow in a sense that I’ve been more trusting on what God’s been giving me. I’m tired of just making my own plans and somehow plugging in Christ into whatever I’m doing. This year I think I’ve learned to trust more. Trust on the future because I’ve been working my butt off in the present. Trust on tomorrow because I’ve been living in the today.

I don’t really know how my New Year’s going. I’m not richer than I was a year before, I’m not smarter, I’d like to think I’m wiser but I guess not really. But somehow even though those things seem the same on the surface, there’s a different sense of calmness and acceptance this time around.

A lot of things can be the same but how you view them can be totally different.

Maybe you are getting better in each month. And praise God for that, good for you. If you’re reading this and feel like you don’t know where you’re going, that’s okay too. I pray that you find peace in the uncertainty. Live by faith and not by sight.

Nearly seven months in. Good luck to the rest of the year!

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