Who Will Save Your Soul?

Who will save your soul and love me here?

I recently asked my friends what I could write about and I got of different answers. I’ll write about all of them but one of the first few people who answered me was my good friend Meg. She asked me my interpretation of Jamie Cullum’s Save your soul.

If you don’t know this song I suggest you listen to it. Nay, not suggest, but strongly suggest you do. It’s such a beautifully written song and Jamie Cullum just nails it. The lyrics, the melody, and the passion are just all powerful. Video can be found here –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dB4IAlVo6eI

Honestly, I was curious and hesitant to try to dissect an artist’s work. In most cases, I believe that when an artist creates something whether it be a poem, song, or whatever, he or she is entitled to whatever it means. People’s natural tendency is to try to understand it and there can be an inspiration or a hindrance to what the author is actually trying to say. Take for example JD Sallinger, the author of the acclaimed yet infamous novel Catcher in the Rye. A lot of people tried to break the novel down piece by piece because it was so different and unexplainably good. Sallinger got fed up with all the critics and didn’t try to explain his work.

On the other hand, we as fans try to understand artist’s work because of appreciation. I want to start by saying I don’t really know what Jamie Cullum’s song really means and this is solely my interpretation. But here goes:

Know this, it’s a universal truth
People let you down
So reach out for the things that you can use
Buried in the ground

I think I’ve been misunderstood
Not all my choices have been good
In the fading light
So we should put this one to bed
Before it bursts out of my head
Ready for the fight

Overall, I think Cullum is talking about loving someone despite everything that the other person has gone through. Everyone has baggage and we all need someone who will carry that for us and say everything we’ll be alright. In the first two verses, he starts out by explaining that everyone gets hurt including himself. He too has is own insecurities and he is telling the one he loves that he also isn’t perfect but he’s willing to take the chance. I love the lines I think I’ve been misunderstood not all my choices have been good because it shows vulnerability and honesty.

Inside of another tiny life
Full of big ideas
It strikes me with the baggage left behind
I could dry those tears

All of my secrets they are free
Now watch them tumble out of me
Into better days
So save those homiletic tones
And conjure singing from the moans
And you’ll hear me say

I’ll skip the chorus first and move on to the next two verses. Despite his lover’s baggage he is willing to dry those tears away.

He goes on by telling he to has secrets but is willing to share them with her. All of my secrets they are free now watch them tumble out of me into better days. So now since both of them have their own fears, insecurities, and inhibitions, he’s saying let’s face them together.

So when it gets too late
And I find my place
Who will save your soul and love me here
So when it gets too far
Well let down your guard
Who will save your soul and love me here

I really love the chorus and how it’s sung. He’s telling her that whenever it gets difficult or too much too bare, he’ll be there no matter what. The girl might have gone through a horrendous experience that damages her inner self. Through the power of love, any soul can be saved. Cullum is saying here that he’ll be the one to save her soul and that she’ll love him.

So step away from castle walls
Those voices calling in the halls
They are moving on
So I’ll keep my side of the street
Cleaner than where our pounding feet
Ever walked upon

He continues in the bridge of the song to let her own walls crumble. I think it goes hand in hand with the line in the chorus So when it gets too far well let down your guard. Everyone has his or her own walls and we just need someone to break us open so that love can enter. I don’t really understand the next couple of lines honestly. I think when he says I’ll keep my side of the street he’s saying he’ll just wait until the girl is ready to be loved.

I was actually tempted to research online the meaning of this song but I first took the time to listen to it again and again plus read the lyrics. I deduced it was about love but I also thought Cullum might be talking about something entirely different. Luckily, I found a video online wherein Cullum explains the song before he sang. Simply put, he says “this song is about loving someone.” Well then, at least I got the love part right.

Again, I don’t try to be an expert in interpreting anything but I really love this song (I even tried singing this out loud when no one is looking at home). The beauty of songs is that even though sometimes we can’t fully understand the meaning, they can be subjective to what we want it to become. Personally, I stick with my interpretation in that we’re all finding that someone who will save our soul by letting someone love us. Like I said earlier, we all have secrets, baggage, and things we simply don’t want to share to others. It might be from a previous broken relationship, family trouble, a darkened past, or whatever, but there’s always someone who’ll love for us for who we are despite who we were. When you do find someone who can and will save your soul plus accept who you are as a person, you have to love that person with all your heart and never let go.

When it gets too late and I find my place who will save you soul and love me here?


6 thoughts on “Who Will Save Your Soul?

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  2. Kefo says:

    When it gets too late and I find my place who will save your soul and love me here?

    Can’t this mean that when one finally discovers his place in the world and his purpose…he wonders “what if you don’t accept this?” He knows they’re supposed to be together, but it’s difficult. He needs her love and he knows he’s good for her. However…he’s also meant for other things. I thought it was a question of choice on his part. Like…he thinks that if the significant other were to be with him, won’t that be selfish on his end?

    I still got chills on what you wrote. I think it’s amazing how true artists are able to give a vivid significance to something so seemingly simple. Like loving someone. 🙂

    • josesarmenta says:

      Actually that’s an awesome of way into looking at it. I get the selfishness on his part now and the complications that go with it. Gives me a different meaning to the song and it makes a lot of sense.

      Thank you! 🙂

  3. litadoolan says:

    Beautiful interpretation of the lyrics. You have brought a lot of meaning out of a song. Good insight.

  4. đeri says:

    You guys are way off understanding the chorus:

    So when it gets too late ( when I die )
    And I find my place ( in the heaven )
    Who will save your soul and love me here ( who will try to “fix” you, and love me up here in heaven )

    So when it gets too far ( when you are in deep shit )
    Well let down your guard ( we will send someone )
    Who will save your soul and love me here ( self-explanatory in the context )

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