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Do You Even Remember?

The past has a funny way of remembering

The present isn’t quite sure how to remember

The future needs not to remember at all

The mind moves forward or it think it does move forward

It moves although it’s not sure if the movement is horizontal or vertical

The mind gives peace but only for a while

A pause to the ramblings of your soul

The mind gives balance

It considers both the good and the bad

The heart yearns for our yesteryears

Calling and beckoning to heed our feelings

Succumb to them, indulge in them

But the heart also remembers pain

The heart recalls loss

The heart knows no past, present, nor future

But a state of endless emotions running back and forth between our chests

So where should you listen? To one’s heart that beats? To one’s mind that ponders?

Aren’t we all here searching? Should we even listen?

Everyone remembers and everyone forgets too; some better than others

What do we do with dreams? What do with memories?

Remembering can be as painful as forgetting

As joyful as recalling

As fruitful as learning

As heartwarming as wondering

Do you even remember?

I hope you do

I hope I do too

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Am I That Bad Mama?

Am I that bad mama?

Why are you always mad?

Was it something I said?

I swear I didn’t mean to be bad


Am I that bad mama?

It’s like I always do wrong

It’s not like I want to

Maybe it’s just who I am


Am I that bad mama?

I know you love me mama. I know you do

But why am I scared?

I’m scared all the time


Am I that bad mama?

I’ve been lonely you see

Out there I’m okay

But it’s here inside that hurts


Am I that bad mama?

Why can’t I be a good little boy?

Why can’t I make the right choices?

Why can’t I just be me?


Am I that bad mama?

How come nobody loves me?

Maybe there’s something wrong with me

How come no one looks back?


Am I that bad mama?

I know I messed up, I really did

I said I’m sorry, I said I’m sorry

But now she’s gone for good


Am I that bad mama?

I don’t know where to go

There are too many roads to choose

Yet I feel I don’t have a choice


Am I that bad mama?

I’m always unsure of myself

It’s 2AM and my eyes are wide open

I’m always looking to the sky


Will I ever find peace mama?

Will everything be okay?

I try to be good but lately it’s not enough

It’s never enough

So tell me mama

Am I really that bad?