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Are You Comfortable With The Silence?

“Some people are uncomfortable with silences. Not me. I’ve never cared much for call and response.

Sometimes I will think of something to say and then I ask myself: is it worth it? And it just isn’t.”

—Miranda July, No One Belongs Here More Than You

Sculpture by Anders Krisar


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What’s The Point?

Ever worked on something but then stop at middle and ask, “What the hell is the point of doing this?”

Yeah, those times.

Sometimes there is no point. Maybe you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing in the first place.

But in other times, you know there has to be a point to everything. You know there is an absolute purpose as to why you’re doing this or doing that. There has to be.

But knowing there is a purpose doesn’t automatically translate you fulfilling that specific purpose. Right?

Again, what if you’re doing one thing, and it’s perfectly fine and all at the start, but then you realize just when you’re about to finish that, maybe, just maybe, you wasted your time. Knowing there is something doesn’t necessarily mean that that something is yours. What if it’s for someone else? Maybe

Maybe theirs is no point. No purpose. No mission. No cosmic reason. And it’s just you, and you alone, trying to figure things out.

But then again maybe not. Either way, we have to toil and work our butts off.

We continue to grind. We put our heads down and hope for the best. We’re not quite sure of the outcome but we’ll try our damn hardest to come out on top.

Maybe there is no point, but at least I’m going somewhere. It might not be the destination I am destined to reach, but I am still going somewhere. You can be damn sure of that.

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What happened?

It all happened in a blur. Ironically, a shocking experience such as this would be unforgettable, but somehow the details are fuzzy as though my memory doesn’t want to remember. However, I do remember what I felt: the helplessness and the internal panic.

My two friends and I were walking on the street, waiting for a cab to take us home. Looking back it was downright stupid for us to do that in the wee hours of the morning. It was like we were daring the world for something to happen. And unfortunately for us, something terrible did happen.

A man in a motorcycle suddenly stopped right in front of us. An immediate shock came over us and we all wondered what he wanted. And then he pulled out a gun. We were taken aback at first when he told us to give our phones. I guess we were still in shock and the fear started to creep in.

After taking our phones he asked for our wallets. I had the presence of mind to simply give him some money and not my whole wallet. I don’t know, but I sensed that the guy was just as scared as we were. Not in a scared “I might get caught” kind of way but in a “I don’t really do this whole robbery thing” kind of scared. Maybe he just needed the money and circumstances have led him to what he did to us. I really felt that this was just the first few times of robbing somebody.

Anyway, after handing him over our money, he asked what was in our bags. We brushed him off saying that there’s nothing really of value inside. We lied of course, but we weren’t completely going down without resisting. Maybe it was stupid of me to resist and say that I didn’t want to give my bag. He threatened me and said “you don’t want to give your bag?!” I was scared of course, but somehow I knew he wasn’t going to hurt us. Of course, I didn’t take that risk. As amateurish as he was, he was scared and maybe was afraid enough to do something stupid like shoot us or whatever.

For what it’s worth, I could say that we stayed surprisingly calm throughout the ordeal. We talked about it afterwards and we agreed that it was a good thing that we kept our cool and didn’t overly panic. Don’t get me wrong, we were scared but somehow we all found courage.The three of us have experienced before getting our stuff stolen but never in a way such as this. We have never experienced a gun being pointed at us. We were thankful that he wasn’t able to get all our other stuff and more importantly, beyond grateful that we were safe. Things could have ended differently – maybe he could have shot us or hurt us, who knows.

I’m glad I was able to write what happened. At least in this blog it will be just me and my thoughts. I’m not of those who often post on social media what happened to them, even as traumatic as this. I don’t want the attention, in fact, I feel uncomfortable with it. I did share what happened to a couple of friends the morning after. One, to get it out of my chest and the other for their safety – a reminder to be on their guard always. I also shared the story to my high school kids, I can’t imagine how they would react if something like this happened to them.

I actually spent half of the day debriefing myself on what happened. Come to think of it, I don’t know which feeling is worse – the thought of that I could have died or the feeling of being so scared, powerless, and confused. If this happened back when I was in high school or maybe even college, I would have probably experienced some post-traumatic stress. I’m not saying that I’m not affected now that I’m older, I guess that it would have been much scarier if this happened when I was younger.

What happened? Life happened. I’ve accepted that literally anything can happen in your life. I don’t mean it in a sort of self-defeating kind of way. I’m not simply accepting things the way that they are. I know that I should be more careful next time but I’ve also accepted the realization that these things can happen to me or to anybody. Other people have experienced way more intense stuff than what happened to me. We live in dangerous time and people are becoming more desperate than ever. I may be still shaken up or afraid of what happened, but I know I shouldn’t live scared.

Stay safe people!

Was It Guilt or An Overwhelming Sense of Responsibility?

“Yo, hindi mo pa nga yan anak ah.”

That was what my friend Ilka told me when I told her and Cort what happened to me the other day. It roughly translates to “That’s not even your son yet.” My translation skills from Filipino to English are not that good but hopefully me writing this with my heart will sound better.

I rarely write something about myself in detail like a “Dear Diary” type of rambling but I guess this experience deserves to be written in some form of preciseness.

It was supposed to be a team building exercises: Divide the kids into two groups, let them play basketball, and just basically have fun. It was simple. Well, it was supposed to be simple.

When the basketball game was about to finish, the unthinkable happened. One of my students jumped in the air for a rebound and landed awkwardly on the floor. Shit.

He was screaming in pain holding on to his left knee. Think of Saving Private Ryan or a scene from HBO’s The Pacific when someone gets shot in the leg. Man it was bad. Everything stopped at that point but fortunately my other students were quick to react. Two of them went to get ice and check if the school’s infirmary was still open. At first I thought it was just a mild sprain or something – you know, the kind of injury when you step on someone’s foot unintentionally therefore making you land awkwardly. But then he couldn’t move his knee at all. This was different.

My student explained that he actually heard something when he landed, a “locking sound” was what he said. He had a similar injury on his right knee a year ago so he knew what kind of pain he was in.

To cut the long story short, the medical team of the security guards rushed into the scene carrying a stretcher and a splint for the leg. After a few calls to the brother and parents, we were off to the hospital.

What struck me as we were heading for the ambulance was a feeling of guilt. I was the one who made them play basketball. We shouldn’t have played today! We should have stuck to our normal training routine! Damn it!

I told my concerns to the other coach who arrived just as we were transferring him into the ambulance. He said that it wasn’t my fault and that it would have happened in some weird way regardless of what we did. I guess he was right. They could have played basketball before I even arrived that day.

Just as I was feeling better that feeling of guilt came to me again as we were inside the ambulance. With the sirens blaring, the fast drive of the car, the dim lights inside, just everything inside the damn thing made me think! I basically told myself “shit just got real.” Along with my student was his older brother and myself. Things were kind of put into perspective when my student said “It’s my first time to ride in an ambulance. Cool!” We all laughed. It was my first time too.

At the emergency room, we waited for their dad to arrive. A few doctors and nurses passed by and told the procedures that were going to happen. Diagnosis by a surgeon, xray, MRI, and all that stuff. When he told the doctors how old he was it kind of threw me off guard. He says “I’m 15. I’m an incoming junior at the high school.” I don’t know why. I mean I know I’m handling high school students but I guess once I finally heard their age, it was a surreal feeing. Man, these really are kids.

When his dad finally arrived, I didn’t know what to expect. There was a solemn moment when he just looked at his son on the hospital bed. They’re a family with a lot of brothers and sisters and this wasn’t the first time someone was hospitalized but still, there was a reserved quiet moment only a parent could understand. I can only imagine what he’s going through.

After the last check up by the doctor, the dad went to me and said, “I can take over from here. Thank you for looking after my son. Buti nandun ka. (Good thing you were there).”

At that point there was a sense of relief once I heard those words. It wasn’t the fact that what I did was appreciated but more to the fact that he wasn’t mad or shocked or whatever negative emotion there could be.

I relayed the entire story to my friends right after because I had to talk this through. We analyzed that… things just happen without our control. I couldn’t have known what would happen and I was fortunate enough to be there supervising them. As Ilka said, just imagine If it was your own son. I guess in the end, it wasn’t guilt that consumed me, but instead, it was an overwhelming sense of responsibility.

I tried to think back whether or not there was a similar experience in my young life. No classmate, no officemate, and no friend comes close. Primarily because this was with an extremely younger person. In a way, these kids look up to me. It’s like I’m in a fine line between a teacher, older brother, and a friend. And I love the fact that I can walk around these lines.

In many ways, these are my kids. And yes, even though they are teenagers, they are still kids. This was a growing experience for me as I try to lead this group of people.

I’m looking forward show more of my overwhelming sense of responsibility.


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What Do You Pray For?

Jamal noticed how William was putting on his socks inside and out.

Curious as to why someone would do such a thing, he asks William what he’s doing.

William says that in some cultures they believed wearing your socks inside and out would bring luck.

Jamal blurts out, “and you believe that shit?”

And to that William replies, “No… But it’s like prayer, what’s the risk?”


Lately I’ve been struggling to pray. The feeling is similar to going into a swimming pool and your feet are just testing the water. Sometimes I take a deep breath, ready to jump, then I just chicken out. That’s the thing with prayer or anything else for that matter. You may be doing something all your life but when you stop doing it, you get a little rusty. The words were already in my head; it was just a matter of saying them out loud or at least saying them out loud in my head. But no matter how hard I try, I just couldn’t. I didn’t want to because I think I already know what the big guy upstairs is going to say. I know the things that I want and I’m pretty those are the things that He doesn’t want. It’s like asking something from your parents and you already know that the answer would be no. So I just shut up and do something else.

A few days later, it occurred to me however that instead of praying for myself, why don’t I pray for other people? That wouldn’t be all that bad would it? Like instead of praying that my clients will pay me already, what if I pray for my old officemates who are struggling while getting crappy pay? Instead of praying that things will be better here at home, what if I focus on my friend’s family where they can’t even secure a home because of financial reasons? Instead of drowning in my writing problems, maybe I can think about my friend and how she’s having a difficult time with her grades? Will God listen to me then?

I don’t want to sound too selfless, condescending, or even a martyr but I’m just tired about thinking about my own shit that I just want to think about other people’s shit. I know things won’t be better for me for at least a couple of more months (or even years, gulp!) so why not reach out to others who have a better chance than me? I’m just tired of disappointing and pressuring myself that I’ll amount to something big one day.

This is a very weird feeling and I’m not even sure if the big guy will listen, but hey, what’s the risk right?


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What If You Missed “The Sign?”

I’m sure that at least for once in your life, you’ve asked for a sign that will tell you to do this or do that. It doesn’t matter what religious background you have, I have a feeling that you asked this question to your god in one way or another. Heck, a religious background isn’t even required. You just hope that something, anything, will help you with your decision making.

Okay so maybe you do get a sign.  Moreover, you convince yourself that this is the sign that you’re looking for. But what if you miss the point of the sign entirely? Decisions are usually made one way or the other and there’s hardly anything in between – either you’ll do the dishes or not, either you’ll read a book or watch TV, either you’ll do the job or not, and so on. So the margin of error is actually not that big if you think about it. On one hand, the sign that you’ve been looking for might be telling you one thing while it can also mean the other.

Recently, I spoke with a friend of mine, Mich, who happens to work in the company that I used to go to. After the usual hi’s and random small talk, she asks, “Di ka ba makiki chismis dito? Hahaha” (Aren’t you going to ask me about the gossip here?)

So she goes telling me about our other officemate who had issues in the office with regards to her work. Of course I can’t and I don’t want to explicitly share everything here but basically it involved our friend who was contemplating of resigning. It was essentially about quitting the job but somehow it also revolved around other branches of the company. It just got messy.

To make the long story short, when one of the bosses told her to make a final decision, to either be in a new position or not, she was faced with a cross road. She didn’t know what to do. She was looking for a sign.

[Enter footnote here: To give you a little background, Mich, myself and this girl that I’ve been talking about were pretty close when it came to work and even outside the four corners of our office. We’ve been through hellish times as well as hilarious moments, and of course we’ve thought about the future once we all get out of the company. We shared each other’s dreams and whatnot and we all thought it was time for us to move on. I was the first one to leave and then it became a rat race between them.]

In the end, she chose to stay and get the new position. When she decided to do that, you can imagine the exchanges between Mich and myself. “Whaaaat???!!!” was my general reaction. We were like two teenage girls ranting about our friend who made a bad decision (at least in our minds). Yes, it’s her life, and yes it’s her decision to make, but still, friends care deeply and we say the shit we think you deserve to hear.

In her defense, she said she looked for a sign and even prayed for it before making the final decision. Now, I’m in no way undermining the power of prayer and the God Almighty, but what if she got the message all wrong?

Maybe God is looking down from Heaven and He’s like scratching His head going “Whaaat?!” also. No one knows for sure but it’s funny if you think like that doesn’t it? Maybe God is saying to my friend, “I said reSIGN not SIGN a new contract!”

What’s even funnier is that the three of us already thought of this while we were all working. Sometimes we’d get into these conversations about where our lives were heading and thought God was totally going in the other direction. Concrete example was when I finally decided to resign. I always thought God put me through a series of tests in my job so that I could build perseverance and find refuge in Him. In many ways, yes, I believe he did put hardships at that point in my life to grow as a person. But when I flipped the switch and thought “What if He puts me through all this because He’s telling me to quit?” You know? Maybe the hardships weren’t a test of character, but they were telling me to get out of there and move on with my life! Of course I did grow through all the hardships but I also learned to move on.

Maybe the signs we’re looking for have always been in front of us and we’re just too blind to see them. The tricky thing about signs is that you’ll never know for sure. Maybe one decision will make you happier while another one can be disastrous. As I try to think of a moral or a lesson to wrap everything up, well, maybe there’s none. I can tell you to be more cautious but still, no one knows for sure what tomorrow will bring. Who wants to live cautiously anyway? Nonetheless, I still believe that there are signs that we get that will be crystal clear. You know what the scary thing is? It isn’t noticing a sign or even missing its point. What I’m worried about is when I get a sign that’s so sure and so clear that in no way is it just a coincidence. I think that I’ll be too afraid to choose what the sign tells me to do and even make excuses not do it. Maybe we don’t notice the signs or miss their messages completely because we already try to shield the hard decisions and only try to notice things what we want to notice. Get it? I think I thought about this too much. My head hurts. I think there was a point in this entry somewhere. I’m going to stop my rambling now and maybe just look for chismis and not signs.


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Why Ask?

There is a question in our choices asking what it is we want to do with our lives. It is a beckoning question that needs our attention whether we want to answer it or not. Some were created on this earth for specific missions and direct callings but there is a huge chunk of people who don’t have a clue where to start. There might be more who say that by mere entertaining this question is a waste of time. Or better yet we do not want to ask merely because we do not want the answer and afraid of what that answer entails to us. There is not only a fear of failure, but there is also a fear of success.

The choices we make, big or small, point us to the very answer of that pending question or any other questions for that matter. The decisions we make have more often than not have invisible repercussions to not only ourselves but to the people around us. As we go through the rigorous demands of everyday living, our souls cry out ever so often to figure out a solution. That is why we lie awake in the middle of the night wondering if the choices we made were correct that led to this specific moment in time. It is a mixture of satisfaction, regret and a sense of longing for something more, to something towards real.

As all humans, we want the answers to our questions to be real and something we can hang on to. We want to be it astounding like a miracle or even as small as a whisper that only we can hear. We want it to be real as touching and feeling someone we love close to us or even somebody just looking at us to make us feel wanted. We stretch out our hands to the intangible and hoping we catch even just a glimpse of freedom. We want answers, acknowledgements, security, love, and enlightenment. It is in the vagueness of reality that we want the seen to be seen and the unknown to be known.

It is not simply the journey of answering the questions in our lives but also the mere fact of asking them. We ask because we are curious. We ask because we do not the answers. We ask because the depths of our souls need to be satisfied.

Have You Ever Played The What-if Game?

Okay, so maybe the question is too obvious and deserves a “Well, duh!” answer. We’ve all played the What-if game. In fact, we’ve been playing it since the day our brains were smart enough to think or the first time we did a stupid mistake that had unforeseen repercussions.

What if I got married too young? What if I had stopped smoking when I was in my twenties? What if I lived in the suburbs instead of the city? What if I didn’t buy that stupid motorcycle and just saved the money? What if Vanilla Ice never got sued for copying the intro of Ice Ice Baby?

And a thousand more what if questions in our lifetime.

I’m taking a page here from my favorite sportswriter, Bill Simmons. In his book, The Book of Basketball, he gives the all-time what-if questions that have surrounded the NBA. Some examples are – What if Kevin Durant was drafted first before Greg Oden? What if Kobe signed with the Clippers back in 2004? Etc, etc.

Anyway, aside from pondering the numerous questions about basketball (I couldn’t get over the what-if question about Michael Jordan. He shouldn’t have played with the Wizards!), of course I thought of my own what-if questions, but moreover, I thought of the whole idea of the what-ifs in our lives. What-ifs are questions that we like to ponder on but they can also leave us with a sense of helplessness. No matter what we do, the things we have done are in the past and they’ll stay in the past.

Nonetheless, this is my blog and I want to play the what-if game!

Personal What-Ifs

1)   What if I didn’t study in ADMU and didn’t choose Psychology as my course?

In the Philippines, these are the top universities: Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU), University of the Philippines (UP), and De La Salle University (DLSU). It’s up to debate who’s number 1 but that’s besides my point. Anyway, I only applied to two of them – ADMU and UP. Now, all my life I’ve been studying in ADMU. It’s the only school I know and all my family members have studied or are studying there. Even my dad teaches there. Obviously I wanted to get it in. I also applied to UP because I’ve always thought of it as a great school and I wasn’t dumb enough to apply to only one college.

As fate would have had it, I fortunately got in to ADMU and failed UP’s entrance test (my math scores were horrendous). Looking back, what if I did pass UP? Would I have had a more difficult decision in choosing one school over the other? We’re talking about a whole different environment, education, and social life! And what would I have studied there? I remember the reason why I picked Psychology. Well, it was listed in the brochure and I thought it would be cool if I learned it. That’s it. What if I was more adventurous and picked um… Computer Engineering or let’s say Creative Writing? My career would be totally different! I think I also applied for Psychology in UP, I can’t remember though.

Anyway, if I did decide to study there: my views on our country and the government will be different, I would have met some of the great professors of our generation, and would have probably done a lot of crazy stuff. As for the other things that make me who I am, I don’t think it will all be too different. I’ll probably get into the UP Pep Squad, probably surround myself with similar college friends as in ADMU, and most probably enjoyed college just as much. I believe that a perfect combination of “Nature and Nurture” will be put into play here. On many ways, my life will be different, but at the same time, I think it will still be strikingly similar because of who I am.

2)   What if lived in the 1920’s or the 1950’s?

Growing up, I’ve always wondered what it would be like if I lived in either in the 1920’s or in the 1950’s or any period in between. I like the clothes, cars, music, mood, and the environment. I can go Boardwalk Empire with my style of clothes plus you can give me a 1958 Edsel Corsair or a Cadillac to drive in.

Plus, I think life was much simpler back then. Of course they weren’t thinking that life was simpler in those days and we can already say that now since we live in a chaotic 2014. We’re talking about the Prohibition era and the post World War II era, not really perfect times but hey, I like them cars and clothes!

3)   What if I knew really how to sing, dance, or act?

Sigh. I wish I knew how to do at least one of the three. But alas, I was kept from having these God-given talents. It’s not that I’ll become a pop star or anything. It’s just the ability of doing anything you want and being whoever you want to be. For instance, I love music and it would be nice if I could sing John Mayer’s version of Free Fallin’.  Just one time yo, just one time!

As you think of your own personal what if questions, let me suggest that they shouldn’t revolve any of the following:

a)   Women – (Or if you’re a girl, then men) Relationships carry too many attachments, feelings, and old memories. Rehashing them won’t do you any good and you’ll just end up over thinking about everything. Not unless if you truly believe that she’s the “one.” Then you can go Nic Cage mode calling out Tea Leoni, making a last ditch effort in the airport to have her back in The Family Man. (Btw, this is the ultimate what if movie and second chances) But I gotta say, we really love to play the what-if game with girls right? Yikes.

b)   Jobs – Thinking whether or not you’ve picked the right job or not has its limits. On one hand, you’re allowed to think about it and then actually doing something about it – either stay or quit. However, you can’t allow yourself to think too much if you stayed too long already or haven’t really done anything with your life. I guess you’re there for a reason.

c)    Spontaneous decisions – We’ve all done quite a few of these. As long as they don’t involve drugs, being pregnant, or killing anyone, then you don’t have to play the what-if game with regards to spur of the moment decisions.

Below are a bunch of other what ifs that I’d like to share:


1)   What if the Philippines remained under American rule for a couple of more years?

2)   What if we never did the whole People Power movement?

3)   What if we stopped making stupid movies? (To my readers from other countries, the Philippines does produce outstanding films. However we also have a knack of making pretty awful and “what the hell were you thinking?” kind of movies)


1)   What if we actually knew the truth about the assassination of JFK?

2)   What if the Catholic Church suddenly allowed women to be Pope?

3)   What if firemen, police officers, and teachers were paid more than athletes, movies stars, and musicians?


1)   What if Ben Affleck never made that movie with Jennifer Lopez and we’ll always think of him as the other guy in Good Will Hunting?

2)   What if the Transformers series was actually made to scare away potential terrorists threats to America as they showed U.S. military strength and ingenuity in all of the movies? (Same can be said with Battleship)

3)   What if Adam Sandler made more serious movies like Reign Over Me and Click or focus on real comedy like in the Billy Madison days rather than oh I don’t know… Jack and Jill??!!


1)   What if Kurt Cobain never died?

2)   What if Michael Jackson was actually found guilty of child molestation, would we view him differently when he died?

3)   What if Taylor Swift stopped singing about love songs and at the same time hooking up with guys and dumping them like they were pairs of shoes?


Life is full of what ifs. It’s just the way life works. There are questions we wonder about the world and more importantly there are questions that we have to face in our personal lives. As you look back and play the what-if game, try not to over think or fill yourself with regret. You can also play it going forward i.e. “What if I decide to become a better person starting today?” What ifs are about the past as much as they are about the future. In any case, it’s just a game but don’t try to lose.


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What Are Normal Days?

As the Christmas hangover starts to melt away in our brains, the challenge of the new year begins. The smoke and unavoidable Christmas fat has now settled upon us and we have to clear everything up. The big question after New Year’s is: what now?

Some have taken on this year with a vengeance; taking on everything and anything in order to achieve their goals for the year. The undeniable feeling of hope still rests upon us like holiday leftovers. It’s still there but you also know that soon enough, they’ll be gone. Sooner or later, we will all be heading into what I call “Normal Days.” Indulge me for a little bit while I explain my “Normal Days” idea.

Normal Days are what I like to call days that have seemingly no significant in your life (or so it seems):

  • These are the days with no specific holiday or season
  • Nothing happens too stressful or too joyful in your job or school
  • After the honeymoon stage in the relationship when things can get delightfully comfortable or conventionally boring with your significant other
  • You don’t notice the days or weeks that pass by
  • No big news that will actually make you care about the world even for a second
  • Another sequel or prequel is showing meaning there are no really good movies showing
  • Things have become a routine
  • Etc, etc, etc

In a year, there will be stretches when you’ll go on a winning streak or losing streak. But I believe most of the time, you’ll ease into whatever situation you are in and stay there for a bit. It’s like getting a new phone. It’s sleek and cool and all that jazz at the start. You may even show it to a couple of friends here and there. You’ll check out the different apps and what else you can download. You’ll fiddle with the camera and taking a picture of everything in sight. Plus, you’ll be in extra defensive mode whenever you hold it because you’re afraid of every scratch that it might get. However, as time passes on, after you’ve received about the hundredth call, your new phone isn’t new anymore. It’s as simple as that. By this time, you’ve been through numerous experiences with it. It may have been with you through a new girl you just met, been with you alone in a bar after getting dumped by that same person, then with you again as another new girl comes along. That was a long example but just like our home, car, job, or phone, we settle into the year on the Normal Days – the seemingly pointless day-to-day grind that we hardly notice.

Getting into Normal Days isn’t necessarily a good thing or a bad thing. You can be in a routine and still be okay. You’ll just be in a cycle probably with work-wife/husband-kids-holidays-vacations and so on and so forth. Not really a bad thing right? It may sound mediocre or adventure-less but hey, not like it’s work-wife/husband-affair with another lover-getting drunk or anything like that (Or is it? Gulp). Normal Days can be good and they can be bad over a period of time. Slowly, the Normal Days will inevitably turn into Good Days or Bad Days.

It’s important to know what kind of “Days” you are in. The trap of Normal Days is that because they’re not high points or low points in your year, you may forget where you’re headed or where you’ve been. Normal Days make you blink for a second as the world and everyone else can pass by. I believe life becomes incredibly fast the moment we fail to notice that we’re in the Normal Days.

So this year, I’ll try to notice more Normal Days in my life not just the Good Days or Bad Days. Somehow, Normal Days can add up to greater things one day even though we can’t notice them right now.

And with that, have an awesome Normal Day!


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