How In The World Do I Write?

As a struggling writer, one could say that words left me for quite some time. Don’t get me wrong, I have been writing consistently for work. But somehow, I wasn’t sure if I was writing for myself or for my audience. As I develop my voice as a sportswriter or as a journalist, I felt the need to go back to this: to where it all started. Writing for my own is one of the happiest and most fulfilling things I look forward to. And depending on how you look at it, this fact is either depressing or inspiring. HAHA.

I’d like to say I’ve improved over the last couple of months. My editors have given me constructive criticism and sometimes downright “WRITE LIKE THIS” pointers but inevitably it was all about finding my own voice in writing.

For the last couple of months, I’ve broken down my method in writing. I am writing this so I can share this with you but more importantly so I can remember them. I don’t about you but as a writer I always feel the need to categorize everything and put things into perspective.

Without further ado, here is what has been hovering around my brain the past couple of months whenever I write:

1. Inform

First thing’s first.  What the hell are you writing about? Provide your audience all the information necessary whether it be stats, data, facts, and whatnot. The readers want to know something and that’s why they clicked the link, or read your article somewhere, or heck, even maybe bought your book. Humor with them with the right information.

2. Insight

Given the info that you’ve generously provided, what now? Why would the reader even care? Or in other cases, the information that you’ve given may have already been read. Maybe it’s all over the news (or worse, social media) and you find yourself just repeating what everyone else is saying. When people go read your stuff, they want to know what you think and not anyone else’s. Or better yet, YOU give them something to think about. Stir debate, make controversy, or whatever just as long as you make them think.

3. Creativity

This is when you get to express yourself as a writer or in a broader sense, as an artist. Use metaphors, symbolisms, pop culture, movie references, and most of all, poetry. Writing in any form or of any kind should be made beautiful.

Oh, and another thing, this may seem odd but try to avoid adjectives. WHAT? I know. But what I mean is that rather than just saying that a girl is beautiful and loveable, say that her beauty makes me scream I love her at the top of my lungs but with her it only comes out as a whisper so that she alone can hear it. Or you know, something like that. In other words, make your adjectives come out of the pages and let it cut to the readers’ heart.

4. Simplicity

Less is more. Always. To be honest, this is one of the things I struggle with as a writer. I tend to overly blab about one thing and sometimes it’s cute or personal but it can also get irritating. Thank goodness for editors right?

Anyway, show emotion but don’t overreact. Show heart but also show sincerity. Be cool and calm dude.

5. Delivery

Writing can be like doing a standup comedy at times. You have to setup the punch line in order to create the impact you want on your readers. It’s all about delivering your message with accuracy and precision.

That’s it for now.

Remember – Inform, insight, creativity, simplicity, and delivery.

Off to more writing!


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