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What’s The Point?

Ever worked on something but then stop at middle and ask, “What the hell is the point of doing this?”

Yeah, those times.

Sometimes there is no point. Maybe you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing in the first place.

But in other times, you know there has to be a point to everything. You know there is an absolute purpose as to why you’re doing this or doing that. There has to be.

But knowing there is a purpose doesn’t automatically translate you fulfilling that specific purpose. Right?

Again, what if you’re doing one thing, and it’s perfectly fine and all at the start, but then you realize just when you’re about to finish that, maybe, just maybe, you wasted your time. Knowing there is something doesn’t necessarily mean that that something is yours. What if it’s for someone else? Maybe

Maybe theirs is no point. No purpose. No mission. No cosmic reason. And it’s just you, and you alone, trying to figure things out.

But then again maybe not. Either way, we have to toil and work our butts off.

We continue to grind. We put our heads down and hope for the best. We’re not quite sure of the outcome but we’ll try our damn hardest to come out on top.

Maybe there is no point, but at least I’m going somewhere. It might not be the destination I am destined to reach, but I am still going somewhere. You can be damn sure of that.

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Have You Got Everything Figured Out?

As we all age, we all slowly realize the dreams we have failed to achieve, dreams that we have already achieved, and the dreams that we have yet to achieve. Life’s gravity pull has weighed down on us more than anything else and we just want to find that sense of peace. It’s nice to think you’ve gotten everything figured out right? I bet that would be an awesome feeling. It’s that fleeting moment when you think that you’ve got one step ahead. Even for just a breather, you’d like to think everything is pretty okay. There’s no shame in looking for that moment or realize that you’ve never had that moment in your life.

We always want to look at something or someone who seems to have life on the reigns, someone who exemplifies who we want to be someday. But do they really have everything figured out? You can look at celebrities, politicians, your parents, your significant other, or whoever and maybe they do have everything figured out. Maybe they understand life a little bit better than anyone. Maybe it’s age, experience, or whatnot, but it seems they’re ahead of the game. Just maybe. 

Then you look at your own life. Whether you’re a teenager going through life with all your angst and rage, a young fellow who doesn’t really know what kind of person you want to be, a middle-aged man who’s undergoing a midlife crisis, or an old man who’s now looking back on life, we are all on different stages and these stages give us the perception of what life ought to be or what it should be. Somehow in whatever point in our life we just want to get it – to finally understand everything that’s going on.

We want to understand why a brother died. Why your mom got sick. Why a lover chose one over the other. Why you got fired from your job. Why you’re having trouble all the time to pay rent. Why a prayer may seem just words fleeting our mouths. Why a single mom is struggling just to make ends meet. Why we never did that thing we said we’d do years ago. Will it ever end?

Probably not. I’ve realized that as much as I know everything happens for a reason, I know there are certain things that happen with no specific reason. Oddly enough, maybe having no reason is a reason in itself. And we all know that life has all those moments that seem to have no reason.

So what if you haven’t figured out life? Who has really? Young or old, we may never truly understand why some things are the way they are in our lives. We think that by a certain age when you’re 30, 40, 50, or 60 that the hurting will stop or the questions will stop coming. But it really doesn’t, right? And that’s okay.

We’re all just looking for that moment when everything makes sense and that life isn’t that hard after all. Even for just a moment, then we can all say, yes, we’ve got everything figured out.



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Are You Sure Where You’re Going?

As human beings, I believe we all have this inner voice within us who’s always asking whether or not we’re supposed to be where we are right now. You can call it conscience or spiritual-self, I just think there’s always something within us humans that make us wonder if what we’re doing is what we’re supposed to be doing. Most people are looking for a goal, a dream, or a purpose.

Finding your own purpose in this world is difficult enough, but even if you do find it, are you even sure that it’s really the one? Don’t you want that sense of assurance that what you’ve been looking and working for all your life actually makes sense? What if you thought you’re supposed to be a businessman but by the time you’re 40 you realize that you were actually supposed to go to med school and be a doctor?

Coming out of college, I always had these questions in mind. What helped me with these questions and even now as I am moving on with this new phase in my life, is a story.

This story is a classic Mother Teresa story. There’s not much to say about her, you all probably know who she was and what she stood for. The story goes that there was this American man who was sure that God was calling him to do something great. This was it: a calling, a purpose, and a goal. The only problem was that he didn’t know what that something was. Ironic isn’t it?

So she goes to Mother Teresa and asks for prayer.

He asks, “Mother Teresa, would you pray for me?”

And Mother Teresa replies, “Yeah sure. What would you like me to pray you for?”

“Mother Teresa, I want clarity. I want to know without a shadow of a doubt what my calling is from God.”

Mother Teresa then looks at him and she simply says, “No, I won’t pray that for you.”

The American man was confused and embarrassed then he blurts out, “But why? I only want to have what you have in your life. You always seemed sure of what God is calling you to do.”

She replies, “I sir, have never had clarity. What I have had was trust. So I pray that you may have trust as well.”

I don’t know what you learned from this story or how will it affect you in the future. I believe that this simple story has a powerful message designed specifically for each and every one of us. The story is pretty self-explanatory and can talk about itself without me dwelling into it.

Are you sure where you’re going in life? Well, me neither. But what I’ll pray for you is trust dear friend.

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