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Do You Even Remember?

The past has a funny way of remembering

The present isn’t quite sure how to remember

The future needs not to remember at all

The mind moves forward or it think it does move forward

It moves although it’s not sure if the movement is horizontal or vertical

The mind gives peace but only for a while

A pause to the ramblings of your soul

The mind gives balance

It considers both the good and the bad

The heart yearns for our yesteryears

Calling and beckoning to heed our feelings

Succumb to them, indulge in them

But the heart also remembers pain

The heart recalls loss

The heart knows no past, present, nor future

But a state of endless emotions running back and forth between our chests

So where should you listen? To one’s heart that beats? To one’s mind that ponders?

Aren’t we all here searching? Should we even listen?

Everyone remembers and everyone forgets too; some better than others

What do we do with dreams? What do with memories?

Remembering can be as painful as forgetting

As joyful as recalling

As fruitful as learning

As heartwarming as wondering

Do you even remember?

I hope you do

I hope I do too

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Have You Seen The Movie…?

Here are all the movies I’ve watch back in 2013:

1)   Life of Pi

2)   Silver Linings Playbook

3)   Les Miserables

4)   The Man with The Iron Fists

5)   Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

6)   Warm Bodies

7)   Snow White and the Huntsman

8)   Lincoln

9)   Batman: Year One

10)         The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

11)         Herbie: Fully Loaded

12)         GI Joe: Retaliation

13)         Olympus Has Fallen

14)         Ironman 3

15)         UP

16)         The Bling Ring

17)         Man of Steel

18)         Pacific Rim

19)         The Wolverine

20)         The Hangover 3

21)         Star Trek: Into Darkness

22)         Fast and Furious 6

23)         The Big Wedding

24)         Act of Valor

25)         That’s My Boy

26)         On The Job

27)         Now You See Me

28)         Justice League: Doom

29)         The Savages

30)         The Fighter

31)         Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox

32)         Limitless

33)         Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

34)         Up In The Air

35)         Invictus

36)         Superman VS The Elite

37)         This Is The End

38)         We’re The Millers

39)         The Way Way Back

40)         The Iceman

41)         Parkland

42)         The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

43)         The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

44)         Kick-Ass 2

45)         Good Will Hunting

46)         A Thousand Words

47)         The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

48)         Transit

49)         Oz: The Great and Powerful

50)         Trouble With The Curve


As you may have noticed, some of the movies didn’t appear in 2013. I just watched it in 2013. Also, I didn’t force the list to be 50. Now that was pretty cool. I’ve tried to record every movie chronologically in my little notebook, but there were times I forgot so I just wrote it down when I remembered them. Think of this as similar to John Cusack when he rearranged his music record collection autobiographically in the movie High Fidelity. As in the movie, if he wanted to listen to the song Landslide by Fleetwood Mac, he has to remember that he bought in the summer of ’83 pile. Didn’t catch the movie? Don’t worry, it’s a so-so sort of chick flick that you won’t imagine John Cusack in.

This list contains movies that I’ve watched in its entirety. This is one of my biggest rules in watching a movie – you have to watch it from start to end. I excluded from this list the ones I only watched in the beginning or only caught the end of it. (The only time I bent this rule was when I watched a movie with my ex a while back. We were in line at the food booth as the movie was about to start. Knowing that I have to watch everything, she told me I could go ahead inside the theater to catch the start. Thankfully, I wasn’t dumb enough to do that and I waited in line with her. I wasn’t that stupid to compare watching the start of a movie and leaving my girl to wait in line. I didn’t hesitate with my decision to skip the start. Totally worth it. Whew.)

For example, the movie UP was something I first watched nearly three years ago but I only got to watch the end last year, thus it included in my 2013 list. That was a long time coming I gotta tell you. On the other hand, another movie is Monsters University where there are a few parts that I missed out so this movie won’t be included in the list. I’m that particular.

Using movies as “markers” in your life is not only be helpful but really fun. I remember The Wolverine as the last movie I ever watched with my ex; Catching Fire as the movie I watched when my friend Meg and her sister after dragging me out of the house and introduced me to a perfect combination of flavors for popcorn (hint: it had lots and lots of cheese); Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close was the one when I cried like three times when I was watching alone at home (I felt like Max Von Sydow “screaming” Stop! Stop! Stooooop!); This Is The End left me laughing my butt off for hours; and many more memories just from looking my list of movies. I remember who I watched it with (or if I watched it home), which cinema where I watched it, or where I was at that time in my life. This not only bring a sense of nostalgia but again, it’s fun.

Funny story again was when I watched the first Hobbit and the second one in a span of two weeks. I remember after that watching the first one, I was shocked when I say the second one was already in cinemas! But then again, I realized that the first one I watched at home and it went to cinemas the year before. Stupidly funny.

I also listed down all the books and graphic novels I read the past year but the list was too short and embarrassing to post here. Thus, I promise myself that I will make my 2014 Book List this year.

As for the movies I’ve already started listing down my list. Right now I can tell you that watching Rock of Ages wasn’t a pleasant experience. Twenty minutes in I was already about to throw up and change the channel but I told myself I’ve already invested in it so it would be a shame if I didn’t finish it. I have to tell you though that when Alec Baldwin started to sing, I just lost it. Plus the lead guy and girl weren’t really that appealing. And and and I can’t believe how many songs they potentially ruined historically. Okay I’ll stop there. Haha

Anyway, wanna catch a movie with me sometime? 🙂

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