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What’s The Point?

Ever worked on something but then stop at middle and ask, “What the hell is the point of doing this?”

Yeah, those times.

Sometimes there is no point. Maybe you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing in the first place.

But in other times, you know there has to be a point to everything. You know there is an absolute purpose as to why you’re doing this or doing that. There has to be.

But knowing there is a purpose doesn’t automatically translate you fulfilling that specific purpose. Right?

Again, what if you’re doing one thing, and it’s perfectly fine and all at the start, but then you realize just when you’re about to finish that, maybe, just maybe, you wasted your time. Knowing there is something doesn’t necessarily mean that that something is yours. What if it’s for someone else? Maybe

Maybe theirs is no point. No purpose. No mission. No cosmic reason. And it’s just you, and you alone, trying to figure things out.

But then again maybe not. Either way, we have to toil and work our butts off.

We continue to grind. We put our heads down and hope for the best. We’re not quite sure of the outcome but we’ll try our damn hardest to come out on top.

Maybe there is no point, but at least I’m going somewhere. It might not be the destination I am destined to reach, but I am still going somewhere. You can be damn sure of that.

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Is There A Story In Your Dream?



For the past couple of months I’ve been exploring a lot on the meanings and symbols of the dreams we see at night. I even wrote two essays about dreams and it seemed that they just got stranger and more like fiction each night.

Call it fate or even luck, but I was fortunate enough to think that maybe these dreams have stories. Sometimes I’d be the protagonist, talking to an old acquaintance or often times I’d just be a casual observer. Nonetheless, I’ve decided to write stories based on my dreams. These are inspired by a lot of things including my own life, the life of the people around me, and the life I see everyday. And of course, the stories will be sparked by my dreams.

I’d like to introduce my new blog – http://wakinglifestories.wordpress.com/.

If you’ve enjoyed Pending Questions in the past couple of months, I’m hoping you’ll also enjoy the stories that I have to tell. (But don’t worry, of course I’ll still write here! )

For instance, the first story in the blog, When Mrs. Cloud Walked Up To Mr. Tornado, is a story I developed through my constant dreams of a tornado. Yes, I do realize that it’s strange for me, or for anyone for that matter, to dream about a twisting behemoth, but for as long as I can remember, dreams about tornadoes kept coming up. Maybe I’ve watched too much Wizard of Oz or even Twister but I just see them in my sleep. I don’t know what they mean but maybe there’s no real meaning. Maybe I’m just meant to write a story about it.

I remember watching a documentary about the legendary filmmaker James Cameron. He said that he got the inspiration for Avatar when he was just a teenager and he dreamed of blue human-like creatures. The guy freakin’ dreamed about this strange world that he was going to make decades later. He said he didn’t even try to understand the creatures or symbols in his head, but instead he drew and sketched the images that would eventually become the hit movie.

I don’t know what kind of stories I’ll write. I’m thinking (well hoping honestly) that these short stories will be a tender mix of Aesop’s Fables, stories of Oscar Wilde, and even a taste of David Sedaris’.

I’m excited to write. I’m excited to tell stories. And I’m finally excited to dream.


 Below is from the Waking Life Stories About page:

Waking Life Stories is a collection of fiction short stories loosely based on everyday experiences, memories, and most importantly dreams. Dreams have their own stories to tell in our sleep. Sometimes we can control their outcome while in other cases we are just observers on how a story unfolds in our heads. Whether they are based on your life’s journey like a talk with your friend or as bizarre and random as two dogs having a cup of coffee, all dreams have stories. They don’t necessarily have to mean anything, but finding meaning in them is not necessarily the point. We are to watch, listen, and observe what they have to tell.

Some of the stories here have a moral lesson speaking about the beauty and tragedy of life while some are simply stories with no specific lesson to teach other than your own understanding of the characters.

Come dream with me.


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Can Love Reveal Itself In Dreams?



Love and Dreams don’t often come together. In fact, they rarely do. Even if you do dream about your lover, ex, future husband/wife, there’s no confirmation and you’re just left with assumptions. The mind just plays tricks on you and you’re there lying in your bed wondering what it all meant. It’s tricky, unreliable, and frustrating.

I never thought that relationships could reveal itself in any other situation other than facing that person face to face let alone through dreams. I mean, I’ve dreamed about myself, my friends, even my exes, but they hardly brought any meaning. If anything, they confused me even more.

The story I’m about to share is apparently a true one as told by my friend Bianca. I can’t remember all the details, just the important ones, heck, I don’t even remember what we were talking about before she got into the story.

So it goes like this:

A Boy and a Girl were in love.

Tragically, the Girl and her family were killed leaving the Boy utterly devastated.

The Boy met a new girl but was hesitant in diving in deeper into the relationship because he didn’t know what his old Girl would say.

Now the tricky part, the dream.

One night, the Boy dreamed about his Girl. He saw that she was holding his hand and somehow carrying it into someone else’s hand. He didn’t see who was the person in front of her but he just knows that his Girl gave his hand to someone else. The Boy told his dream to his current girlfriend. Surprisingly, his new girl also had a dream.

In her dream, he saw the Boy’s hand being given to him from somebody. She wasn’t able to see who was with his Boy but they were able to hold each other’s hand because of that somebody.

You can probably put the pieces together right? I don’t even have to say what it all meant. If that isn’t a sign I don’t know what is. That was freaky and pretty amazing. I wish I could have one of these dreams though. Recently I’ve been dreaming a lot and I even dreamt about two separate dreams in one night but never like the story above. The ones I have about love… love for food and sports. Not exactly romantic but hey I’ll take it.



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What If You Missed “The Sign?”

I’m sure that at least for once in your life, you’ve asked for a sign that will tell you to do this or do that. It doesn’t matter what religious background you have, I have a feeling that you asked this question to your god in one way or another. Heck, a religious background isn’t even required. You just hope that something, anything, will help you with your decision making.

Okay so maybe you do get a sign.  Moreover, you convince yourself that this is the sign that you’re looking for. But what if you miss the point of the sign entirely? Decisions are usually made one way or the other and there’s hardly anything in between – either you’ll do the dishes or not, either you’ll read a book or watch TV, either you’ll do the job or not, and so on. So the margin of error is actually not that big if you think about it. On one hand, the sign that you’ve been looking for might be telling you one thing while it can also mean the other.

Recently, I spoke with a friend of mine, Mich, who happens to work in the company that I used to go to. After the usual hi’s and random small talk, she asks, “Di ka ba makiki chismis dito? Hahaha” (Aren’t you going to ask me about the gossip here?)

So she goes telling me about our other officemate who had issues in the office with regards to her work. Of course I can’t and I don’t want to explicitly share everything here but basically it involved our friend who was contemplating of resigning. It was essentially about quitting the job but somehow it also revolved around other branches of the company. It just got messy.

To make the long story short, when one of the bosses told her to make a final decision, to either be in a new position or not, she was faced with a cross road. She didn’t know what to do. She was looking for a sign.

[Enter footnote here: To give you a little background, Mich, myself and this girl that I’ve been talking about were pretty close when it came to work and even outside the four corners of our office. We’ve been through hellish times as well as hilarious moments, and of course we’ve thought about the future once we all get out of the company. We shared each other’s dreams and whatnot and we all thought it was time for us to move on. I was the first one to leave and then it became a rat race between them.]

In the end, she chose to stay and get the new position. When she decided to do that, you can imagine the exchanges between Mich and myself. “Whaaaat???!!!” was my general reaction. We were like two teenage girls ranting about our friend who made a bad decision (at least in our minds). Yes, it’s her life, and yes it’s her decision to make, but still, friends care deeply and we say the shit we think you deserve to hear.

In her defense, she said she looked for a sign and even prayed for it before making the final decision. Now, I’m in no way undermining the power of prayer and the God Almighty, but what if she got the message all wrong?

Maybe God is looking down from Heaven and He’s like scratching His head going “Whaaat?!” also. No one knows for sure but it’s funny if you think like that doesn’t it? Maybe God is saying to my friend, “I said reSIGN not SIGN a new contract!”

What’s even funnier is that the three of us already thought of this while we were all working. Sometimes we’d get into these conversations about where our lives were heading and thought God was totally going in the other direction. Concrete example was when I finally decided to resign. I always thought God put me through a series of tests in my job so that I could build perseverance and find refuge in Him. In many ways, yes, I believe he did put hardships at that point in my life to grow as a person. But when I flipped the switch and thought “What if He puts me through all this because He’s telling me to quit?” You know? Maybe the hardships weren’t a test of character, but they were telling me to get out of there and move on with my life! Of course I did grow through all the hardships but I also learned to move on.

Maybe the signs we’re looking for have always been in front of us and we’re just too blind to see them. The tricky thing about signs is that you’ll never know for sure. Maybe one decision will make you happier while another one can be disastrous. As I try to think of a moral or a lesson to wrap everything up, well, maybe there’s none. I can tell you to be more cautious but still, no one knows for sure what tomorrow will bring. Who wants to live cautiously anyway? Nonetheless, I still believe that there are signs that we get that will be crystal clear. You know what the scary thing is? It isn’t noticing a sign or even missing its point. What I’m worried about is when I get a sign that’s so sure and so clear that in no way is it just a coincidence. I think that I’ll be too afraid to choose what the sign tells me to do and even make excuses not do it. Maybe we don’t notice the signs or miss their messages completely because we already try to shield the hard decisions and only try to notice things what we want to notice. Get it? I think I thought about this too much. My head hurts. I think there was a point in this entry somewhere. I’m going to stop my rambling now and maybe just look for chismis and not signs.


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