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Are You Ready For The New Year?

I know, I know. We’re halfway into January and I’m here asking if you’re ready for the New Year. But hey, it’s a question that you have to ask yourself again and again if you want to make this year count.

More often than not, people can get into a type of Rambo mode wherein they just go full-force towards the New Year without caution or preparation.

But I get it.

Don’t you feel empowered when the New Year comes along? Don’t you feel that sense of hope? Don’t you want to make this year mean something for a change? Are you one of those people who says those ill-fated words “Bring it on 2015”?

Of course feeling that sense of empowerment is normal. It’s human nature to look forward to new beginnings and fresh starts.

For some of us, a New Year can be like a big eraser, eliminating our past in one swoop, and a new page can be written in our lives.

For others it can be like a big bright green “Go” signal. The New Year symbolizes a start to finally begin your goals or dreams.

I get it. I like New Years too.

But can you ever be ready? Or should you even be ready?

By March this year, I’m sure most of us have already forgotten about our New Year’s resolutions, our goals, and our promises. I’m not being pessimistic; just realistic. Even if we do keep them in mind, circumstances might have changed this or that about our goals.

Are we just keeping the façade of a fresh start brought by the New Year? Are we just fooling ourselves? Are we trying to be hopeful despite the inevitable challenges that will come our way?

In a way, maybe getting ready for the New Year is a constant state of mind. Maybe we should always be ready.

Then again, maybe we’re putting too much pressure on ourselves. Maybe a New Year… is just that: a New Year. People change in a course of a very long time and they certainly don’t change from December 31 to January 1. It doesn’t happen overnight. I’m sure the aspirations you have this year will eventually happen one way or another. It may take a month, six months, or even twelve months.

The point is that whether we are ready or not for the New Year, life will come at us. Life will hurt us. It will beat us down repeatedly and without mercy. Life will uplift us. It will inspire us on our darkest days. Life will give us joy. The people who matter to you the most will stay because they love you. Life will let us experience whatever it is we have to experience in one single year.

Just let life be life and you be you.

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What’s Your Next Move?

Some people are good planners. They make careful calculations on how to proceed on a certain task and then they execute with precise precision. I’d like to say I’m one of those good planners, but I’m really not.

I used to try to do the whole “go with the flow” type of approach in life but that didn’t really get me anywhere. One of my worst fears in life is closing your eyes for a bit in the present, and then waking up all of a sudden in the middle of the night when you’re 60 years old. It’s like blinking from one moment onto the next.

This fear has led me to, or has dutifully forced me to think of the future with more caution. But how in the world do I do that? Do I dream big like I’m part of a Disney movie or something? Do I go Frank Underwood ala House of Cards and manipulate, extort, and connive my way onto the top? What should I do?

It’s cheesy to say to trust in the man above. It’s too… oh how do I put it… preachy. I mean, all of the things I’ve done or have accomplished have been orchestrated by some supernatural force that can’t be explained. It’s weird to explain, really. Nearly all of the work I’ve been getting are landing on my lap. It’s weird and it’s strange.

So what do I do? Do I wait for another something to land on my lap or do I take my matters into my own hands and plan my life ahead like a model son?

In the end I just want to do good – good in a sense I just want to do what I feel is right. As much this is about my life and my goals, there are people around me. It’s not that I overly go out of my way to help people but more of the fact that I realize there are people around me who support me and in turn I can support myself. Or even if I feel that I don’t have any support, and even the people closest to me who don’t believe in me, I must march on and do what I think is best.

Change is coming. I can feel it. I can sense it. All I want to do is to change myself first before the environment around me changes first.


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Does Your Dream Matter To Others?

I wasn’t sure if the type of song that they played was common when someone was leaving the office. I’ve experienced a couple of going away dinners and seen going away videos to gauge enough what a going away song should play. Usually it would be a song about friendship; you know, insert slideshow of you and your officemates in random poses during the time you stayed with them.

The song they played for me when I left my work place was “I Can Go The Distance” from the Disney movie Hercules. I found it touching and inspiring that after months from that going away dinner, I still find myself remembering the people I left and that song. That song.

At that time when we were watching the various pictures of me with my numerous friends in the office, you could say that the song had a different effect on me then as compared to know months later. Back then, it was all about me. My time. My chance to “go the distance.”

Months after, something changed.

The more I pursue my dreams, slowly I realized the bigger picture that envelops it. People can be so consumed and so focused about pursuing their own dreams and not think of anything or anyone else.

Telling someone how successful you are (or not successful) can affect someone in different ways. It can cause that person to be jealous of what you have. Maybe you made that person think you’re a total show-off. Or maybe, they simply don’t care.

What I realized though was that going after your goals can and should inspire other people. Everyone looks up to someone right? You might be surprised on how many people look up to you. You may not realize it but people do. People are cheering for you. People are rooting for you. They genuinely want you to succeed. It’s not only a matter of you achieving your dreams but it reflects on other people’s dreams. They look to you so that they can look into their own lives.

So go on, keep dreaming. Take on life like you’ve never taken it before. For your sake, and for the people around you. Go the distance.



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Are You Sure Where You’re Going?

As human beings, I believe we all have this inner voice within us who’s always asking whether or not we’re supposed to be where we are right now. You can call it conscience or spiritual-self, I just think there’s always something within us humans that make us wonder if what we’re doing is what we’re supposed to be doing. Most people are looking for a goal, a dream, or a purpose.

Finding your own purpose in this world is difficult enough, but even if you do find it, are you even sure that it’s really the one? Don’t you want that sense of assurance that what you’ve been looking and working for all your life actually makes sense? What if you thought you’re supposed to be a businessman but by the time you’re 40 you realize that you were actually supposed to go to med school and be a doctor?

Coming out of college, I always had these questions in mind. What helped me with these questions and even now as I am moving on with this new phase in my life, is a story.

This story is a classic Mother Teresa story. There’s not much to say about her, you all probably know who she was and what she stood for. The story goes that there was this American man who was sure that God was calling him to do something great. This was it: a calling, a purpose, and a goal. The only problem was that he didn’t know what that something was. Ironic isn’t it?

So she goes to Mother Teresa and asks for prayer.

He asks, “Mother Teresa, would you pray for me?”

And Mother Teresa replies, “Yeah sure. What would you like me to pray you for?”

“Mother Teresa, I want clarity. I want to know without a shadow of a doubt what my calling is from God.”

Mother Teresa then looks at him and she simply says, “No, I won’t pray that for you.”

The American man was confused and embarrassed then he blurts out, “But why? I only want to have what you have in your life. You always seemed sure of what God is calling you to do.”

She replies, “I sir, have never had clarity. What I have had was trust. So I pray that you may have trust as well.”

I don’t know what you learned from this story or how will it affect you in the future. I believe that this simple story has a powerful message designed specifically for each and every one of us. The story is pretty self-explanatory and can talk about itself without me dwelling into it.

Are you sure where you’re going in life? Well, me neither. But what I’ll pray for you is trust dear friend.

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