What’s The Worst Breakup You’ve Ever Heard? (Part 1)


I guess we all have a love story. Or in some cases, love stories. Some were good, some were bad, and some stories are still ongoing, while some ended too soon. There are some stories we’re able to look back to. These are the ones we can effortlessly flip through its pages with eyes of acceptance and understanding. More of often than not these are the love stories that eventually become stories about friendship.

However, before the understanding, acceptance, and even the friendship, there is also the sorrow, the loneliness, the chest-clinching, body-squirming, tear-streaming, downright “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS PAIN?!” feeling that you probable felt before. If you haven’t felt any of these emotions, good for you and shut up about your perfect little life. Haha. Okay I’ll stop with the bitterness. From fleeting memories and haunting dreams, we toss and turn trying to understand the reality of the one we loved is now gone. It’s a rollercoaster type of emotions and someone forgot to place the seatbelts. It’s one effed up ride man. The feeling of loneliness and pain from the loss of love are just some of the things that make us… human. If you have ever experienced any kind of loss, ESPECIALLY through a breakup (not including death), to you my dear friend, I give a solemn salute.

But now, we are to talk about the worst breakups that I have ever heard. We’re not going to talk about my breakups (Okay maybe I’ll slip in a couple of stories here and there), but from the people who entrusted their story to me. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been conversing with a couple of my friends. I’m not sure how, but I’ve slowly become a “counselor” to them, and of course I gave my own realizations here and there. Take note of the quotations on the counselor. I’m still working on to be a licensed psychologist. I’ll get there someday.

Anyway, through the numerous people I’ve talked to, I’ve narrowed them down to my top breakup stories. Call it my Hall of Fame of Breakups if you will.  Though people talking to me isn’t purely about love or the lack thereof, I mean they also talk to me about other stuff like sports, work, school, and other mumbo jumbo. But there’s something about a love story right? Or how about a love story that’s gone sour? People tend to be more open and real when they talk about matters of the heart.

For purposes of anonymity, I shall keep the names of the people secret. My friends don’t read my blog nowadays so that’s a good thing, but just in case they happen to stumble along this, it’s best to keep their story, their own.

By the looks of it, this topic will serve about 3 parts. This first is one is basically the introduction and the criteria of basing the Hall of Fame of breakups. In my opinion, they should be assessed over three things – The How, The Timing, and The Aftermath.


The Criteria:

The HOW:

What was the method of killing? And yes, I’m using “killing” as my choice of verb. How did that person end things with you? Was it a straight away shot to the heart? Or a slow and poisonous death? The How is important because even though there are tons of people who’ve experienced a breakup but there are also the not so fortunate souls who underwent some serious heart surgery after an awful parting.


Though timing is often irrelevant just because of the fact that a breakup is ALWAYS bad timing, the extra occasion behind the breakup can also be heart wrenching. Did you breakup on your anniversary? On her birthday? Like in the middle of the afternoon right before a big company meeting?


As in every breakup, the aftermath has its own story or drama. Those awkward conversations, the feeling of the person not replying, being “seen-zoned,” you not knowing who wants to be friends, all that crap, and the dreaded is-he/she-over-me-now? are all part of the aftermath. It’s an ugly process.

As you dive along with me in these stories, I hope you keep one thing in mind: DO NOT DO THESE BREAKUPS. EVER. That being said, I am not perfect. I too have been at fault for being an a-hole. I break hearts as much as people break mine. But for what’s it worth, I know the pain. Trust me on this one. As much as I am afraid of getting hurt by someone, I am more terrified with me hurting that someone.

Again, heartache and pain are just some of the things that make us incredibly alive and human.

Part 2 will be up soon!



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