How Do I Start?

Before I write anything, a blank page always stares at me. Like a painter before he paints, the canvass is white and blank, waiting for the right colors to fill its empty spaces. As I’ve mentioned in my very first post nearly nine months ago, they first key to writing… is to write. You write your first draft with your heart, and then you rewrite it with your head.

But how does it start? Where do I get the “inspiration” to begin writing? Whether it’s for work or for this blog, the blank page mocks me and keeps me from writing what I think. There’s a mini wrestling match with my heart, head, and even the fingers of my hands as each body part clamors for attention. But when the moment my fingers reach the keyboards, it’s the passion deep within me that makes it all start. Okay, that sounded a bit cheesy but it’s true. It’s like when a musician closes his or her eyes before unleashing holy hell of music goodness. It’s like when a superstar football player lines up right before he hits the free kick and makes the ensuing goal and sends the entire arena into bedlam. It’s the calm before the storm.

Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath, and jump off the building. The trick is to not stare at the blank page. Fill it immediately with your thoughts. Then you wouldn’t feel so lonely anymore.

As Doc Pomus once said, “Find the shortest distance between your insides and a pencil.”


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