How Can I Stand Here With You and Not Be Moved By You?

Hopefully you watch the video first before reading. 🙂

The first time I watched this video was about maybe 7-8 years ago in a youth camp. I remember I cried like a little girl and had goosebumps that made me stop dead in my tracks. And 7-8 years later, here I was again crying (though not like a little girl anymore thank goodness!) and had goosebumps that could fill the entire room. As a young man and looking back at this video today, there’s more understanding  to the symbolism of the characters. Of course, everyone experiences different kinds of evil in their lives. There are various temptations in this world, and the enemy knows exactly what will make us fall. For the longest time, I was that person in the video who was so caught up with life and what I perceived to be good. I was that person who was so lost (and many ways still lost) and trying desperately to get back in my life. In all honesty it came to a point that I resonated with the last temptation of the hooded figure inviting death. Not that I was going to kill myself, but I felt that life has left me. Besides, we’re dead anyway once we have no drive and no purpose to keep on living.

Besides the video, the song expresses what people want from the Lord. He’s all that we want, all that we need, our everything. However, what got me thinking differently was what if the song was actually sung in the perspective of God? Can it be possible that He’s saying “You’re all that I want. You’re my everything”? It’s a tough pill to swallow that the God of the universe loves us so much that He’s willing to do everything just to have us back in His arms. The thought of Him being crazy about me is…. well, crazy. Me? I always think that I’m nothing and I’m never enough. And God wants me?

How about you, do you believe God is pursuing you with everything He’s got? Do you believe He’s saying “How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?

Yes, He loves you and me. As hard it is to believe sometimes, but it’s true.

The tears always begin to move out of my eyes when the girl drops the gun and tries to get back with Christ. And then… and then… He starts defend all the evil that’s trying to get His child. Oh crap. Here I am crying like a little girl again and having goosebumps.


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5 thoughts on “How Can I Stand Here With You and Not Be Moved By You?

  1. Yep, that video always gets me teary. Love it.

  2. meg says:

    i hate you for this. but thank you. made me cry. not just teary. legit tears running down my cheeks! i made a mistake of watching it before going to work. haunts me til now. 🙂

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