Is It Okay To Feel Regret?

It’s normal to question things about the past. It’s natural. It’s common. It’s human nature. We don’t often admit it but we usually think about the decisions we’ve made and the repercussions that happened. Life has full of “what ifs” and “what could have beens.” They’re a part of us as much as we often think about the future.

Who we are in the present is a byproduct of the days from our yesterdays and our desires for the tomorrows.

But what is it about the past that makes it want to change it? How often do we want to undo the things we’ve done or actually to do the things we’ve failed to do? Is it okay to feel regret?

The dilemma isn’t really a Miss Universe type of question. I’m not here saying that we should always be thankful for everything that happened in our past, they made us who we are today, they made me grow as a person, blah blah blah. This doesn’t deserve a Miss Universe type of answer.

Again, regret and the feeling of loss are human nature. It’s okay to feel stupid for the choices we chose. It’s okay, well, sometimes. We couldn’t help it even if we tried.

Sometimes it’s okay to admit that we should have treated our child better when he was younger. Maybe we should have hugged them a little more and scolded a little less.

It’s okay to admit that we should have respected our parents more before it was too late. When we get older, that’s only when the sudden realization hits us – that we too are struggling parents and are humans just trying to make ends meet.

It’s okay to admit that maybe we should chosen another career or even quit a job years ago before we eventually hated it. The routines of everyday living got us at one point.

It’s okay to admit that we think about the people who left us or the people we’ve let go. It’s okay to admit that we somehow made a mistake and that’s why things went sour. What hurts more is that we can’t do anything about it. The hurt becomes a scar that we can never remove. It’s okay to admit that we miss them. All the time. We miss them so much it hurts. We miss them so much our brain becomes dizzy and our hearts begin to break again.

It’s okay to admit that sometimes we feel faithless, helpless, useless, and hopeless. It happens. Sometimes no matter how hard we try, we fall short. Sometimes our best isn’t enough. Maybe God will hear you next time, maybe He won’t.

It’s okay to admit that we often think about regret. It’s alright to admit weakness.

No matter how much life has gotten you beat down, it’s okay. It’s also okay if you feel it isn’t the time to gather yourself and get back up. Don’t think, just feel. You’ll know exactly when to gather your bearings and live on. If the pain and the regret don’t leave, then just keep living on. Live with the hurt then. Maybe for you it’s not about moving on, maybe it’s about getting by. As long as you keep chugging along and wake up each day, there’s always that slimmer of hope. What are we if we can’t even feel hope?

It’s unhealthy to live in regret, we know this. But we can’t help it sometimes. What we can help is to choose to live on. Yes, waking up each day is a decision to live.



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One thought on “Is It Okay To Feel Regret?

  1. great blog, keep it up!

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