What’s It Going To Be Like When I Graduate?

Below is something I wrote for a writing workshop a couple of weeks back. We were asked to write an essay on what happens when someone says goodbye. People shared about the different kinds of leaving whether it was about a parent, a girlfriend, a friend,or a job. I decided to write a non-fiction piece about the “real world” and about a person saying goodbye to his alma mater on graduation day.


It is the final day. It’s the final day for regret, pain, joy, laughter, and youth.

After four years, the time has come for me to finally move on with my life. I didn’t realize time could move that fast. We were too young and too stupid to realize what this could all mean in the future.

Maybe I’ll miss you more than I will ever realize. Maybe I’ll come back to you some day. Maybe I’ll get caught up with my new setting and slowly forget you. And then maybe one day, the memories will all come flooding back.

Maybe this is the beautiful tragedy of being young – we always want the next thing. We want and we want and we want. And that’s what I’m feeling now. I want to experience the joy of working. I want to make it on my own. I want to be successful. I want to dream. I want to love. I want to be… me.

Who knows what will happen now? Maybe I’ll remember you in a couple of years. I’ll remember the sweet nothings of meeting a college girl. I’ll remember the sleepless nights filled with notes and books. But most importantly, I’ll remember what it meant to be young.

I feel that when I get older, I’ll want a little less. I’m afraid of working in a job I hate. I’m afraid to make it on my own. I’m petrified I don’t become successful. What if I grow old and gray all alone? But more than anything, I’m afraid if one day I stopped dreaming. What if the dreams remain dreams? What if they are just fragments of the real me lost somewhere in the ocean? The thing about growing up is that for every dream, there is a corresponding fear.

Pray for me. Pray for me to be brave. Pray for me to keep dreaming. Yes, I do want to move on with my life today. Today is the day to end all days. Yes, I do have fear, but I also have hope. I am getting older, but I swear I’ll try to not grow up.

I’ll never forget you dear friend. Here’s to the future – filled wit fear, hope, dreams, and love. Here’s to the real world.


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