Does Your Dream Matter To Others?

I wasn’t sure if the type of song that they played was common when someone was leaving the office. I’ve experienced a couple of going away dinners and seen going away videos to gauge enough what a going away song should play. Usually it would be a song about friendship; you know, insert slideshow of you and your officemates in random poses during the time you stayed with them.

The song they played for me when I left my work place was “I Can Go The Distance” from the Disney movie Hercules. I found it touching and inspiring that after months from that going away dinner, I still find myself remembering the people I left and that song. That song.

At that time when we were watching the various pictures of me with my numerous friends in the office, you could say that the song had a different effect on me then as compared to know months later. Back then, it was all about me. My time. My chance to “go the distance.”

Months after, something changed.

The more I pursue my dreams, slowly I realized the bigger picture that envelops it. People can be so consumed and so focused about pursuing their own dreams and not think of anything or anyone else.

Telling someone how successful you are (or not successful) can affect someone in different ways. It can cause that person to be jealous of what you have. Maybe you made that person think you’re a total show-off. Or maybe, they simply don’t care.

What I realized though was that going after your goals can and should inspire other people. Everyone looks up to someone right? You might be surprised on how many people look up to you. You may not realize it but people do. People are cheering for you. People are rooting for you. They genuinely want you to succeed. It’s not only a matter of you achieving your dreams but it reflects on other people’s dreams. They look to you so that they can look into their own lives.

So go on, keep dreaming. Take on life like you’ve never taken it before. For your sake, and for the people around you. Go the distance.



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