What’s The Worst Date You’ve Ever Been To?

For at least once in our lifetime, we’ve all probably had one awful date. You may remember all the good dates you had, but I bet there’s one date that you just wish you’d forget. Single or married, boy or girl, we’ve all been to at least one date that’s in the top 5 worst relationship moments ever.

I don’t really like telling a lot of my own personal experiences but I think this one I had to share. Besides, if I can see the comedic side of the awful date, it wouldn’t hurt to share it here right?

A couple of weeks ago my old college friend asked me to go on a blind date. It wasn’t even his direct friend but his girlfriend’s friend. It was a bit of a long connection and he only met the girl he was trying to set me up with once. Though it probably seemed like a good opportunity, I honestly didn’t want to go through with it. In fact, I hated the idea. For one, I wasn’t looking for a date, let alone a blind one. Second, I already experienced a blind date before and I was fortunate enough that things worked out tremendously great with that person because of that one date. Blind dates have a one and bajillion chance of actually making something out of it. I was fortunate enough to experience that. Third, I wasn’t really up for it. The idea of going out on a date just seemed… tiresome to be honest. You say hi and hello, talk about this and that, and just looking ahead on those random conversation seemed stressful for me. To be honest, I didn’t want to waste the time of the girl. I didn’t know who she was and had no clue what were her expectations from a random date.

After much convincing from my friend, I finally agreed to have this date. I had nothing to lose and besides, it’s just one date anyway. I can meet up with this girl have a nice sweet conversation and probably never see her again. It will be a nice dinner with a potential friend. With days leading up to this blind date, my friend even had to remind me of the time and place. It wasn’t in my mind and I was too preoccupied with the work I had to do. Nonetheless, I cleared up my schedule and just said “screw it, I had nothing to lose.”

After all the planning and the emotions that were brewing inside me, the girl didn’t show up. I was at the place  and waited, and waited, and waited. But it was a no-show friends.

Yep, abort mission.

She said she was stuck in a meeting. I said no rush and I could wait. An hour passed and I knew where this was headed. I messaged her we could reschedule (well, not really) and she shouldn’t pressure herself if she couldn’t make it. Maybe she was stuck in a meeting. Maybe she just didn’t want to meet up. Who knows, and frankly, who cares. I know I don’t.

I still haven’t eaten dinner at that point so I had to eat, unfortunately, I couldn’t bring myself to any restaurant within the area because everyone was out with a date or with their friends and a loser like me just didn’t feel like eating alone in any of those high-class restaurants. Fortunately, I found a Mc Donald’s near by and helped myself to a big ass burger, fries, and drink. Nothing beats that on wasteful lonely night. I was angry, pissed, and felt utterly stupid. I thought of getting angry at the girl but maybe she did have a meeting. I thought of getting mad at my friend but that wouldn’t be fair too. I guess I was just mad at the situation. I messaged my friends and found solace in them. (I have a group of friends which consists of five girls which makes me look like either gay or their pimp, fortunately I’m neither) They felt bad for me and they said a ton of profanities against the girl (I can’t type them here, but let’s just say one curse word started with the letter “b” and rhymed with hitch). Well, that felt good at least.

I guess you can tell me I had it coming. I didn’t even want to have a date so I didn’t have one. I was too preoccupied and was even feeling lazy coming in to the date so nothing happened. At the same time, here I was making the effort even though I didn’t really want it, and my effort was gobbled up and thrown in the trash. Ugh.

The only good thing that came of this night was when I bumped in to an old friend from work. Well, she wasn’t really an officemate but our brand used to support her magazine and events. We did a bit of random small talk and I told her I’m in to writing now. It was fun catching up to an old acquaintance and I might get a chance to write for her magazine soon so that’s great!

Overall, I felt pretty good about that night. It sucks that I had no date but it’s nice to my friends always have my back. I also got a potential writing gig so the night wasn’t a total waste. When I convinced myself that it was still a good night, a couple of days later I got to talk to my friend Chi.

“Oh what time were you there? You should have told me! I was in the area.” She said.

“Really? Too bad we didn’t meet up!” I replied.

“You know where we went? There was an all dessert exhibit/festival at the mall. There were about 40 stalls with different desserts all for free! You could have gone with us and had an awesome time for free! They had the best desserts!!!!”

Then she showed me a picture of a gorgeous dessert.

Damn. 40 stalls of desserts.

Yep, it was the worst date by far.

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