What Are The Different Types of Crushes?

We’re kicking of a series of love related essays for the next couple of weeks just because it’s February! As I try to dive into the daunting task of trying to answer love’s mischievous questions, feel free to comment or follow my blog! 🙂

To start things off, I’ll share with you guys my theory on the different types of crushes. I first developed this maybe around eight years ago and I first posted this on my livejournal blog (Yes I had a livejournal account before! Wohoo!). Of course eight long years have passed and I’ve taken the time to rehash my theory and share new developments. Here they are:


These are the ones who just pierce right into your superior vena cava. These are ones that when you first saw them you just stared as the world froze for a moment. The ones you keep thinking at the back of your head every single minute of every single day.  Every message, text, mail, notification, and even every word they say to you you’ll try to remember and save them. Everything about them you’ll want to know and cherish.  These are the ones that you’ll actually go for and would really want to be with. In other words, “kaboom” because he/she hit you and there’s a mushroom cloud that just exploded in your heart.

Good points: Close to love? Maybe. But you know, you at least have a shot with this person. This person can be your inspiration or motivation to do anything! You have something and someone to look forward to. Go for it!

Not-so good points: I guess the downside can be that you think about this person all the time. It may be to the point of irritation. What can be worse is that this “kaboom” crush can be already in a current relationship with someone else or worse, he/she turned you down despite you confessing your feelings. But don’t get down on your luck, it’s just a crush anyway.


These are those fleeting and spur of the moment types of crushes. You can have a long list of these and it won’t really matter. You can like them for one day, and not like them tomorrow. Infatuations and admirations can fall under this category too. They give you something to smile about. They can provide tiny cute kilig moments (sorry non-Filipino readers, there is no direct translation of this word in the English vocabulary. Time to use your context clues skills!) that’ll make your day.

Good points: Since it’s just a happy crush, you have the option to pursue this person or not. I mean, there’s no pressure. No problem with just looking right? You can still have a happy crush if you’re in a relationship. Plus, you can have a long list of these happy crushes.

Not-so good points: Hmmm maybe there’s not a solid negative with this type. The problem however is when you have tons of happy crushes but you never really do anything about them. You can’t complain being single and have a lot of happy crushes at the same time. You either go for it or you don’t.


It takes about two weeks after a mosquito bites you before the dengue fever hits. Of course, you’re not really sure when and where exactly the mosquito attacked but before you know it, you’re getting the chills and stuck in a hospital.

In the same way, there are people in your everyday life that you hardly notice but out of nowhere they become your crush. You know what I mean? You didn’t really expect it but here you are now trying to remedy yourself you sick love puppy!

Points to ponder: The thing about this type is that it’s all about timing. A week early or a week late can be the difference. A person might have a crush on you and you won’t even notice it and then the following week you’re the one who has the crush and the other person already has a date. A mosquito bite takes two weeks to incubate in your body before the fever strikes; crushes can have a shorter life span or a longer one.


We all have celebrity crushes. If you don’t, then the movie industry is not doing its job. Actors and actresses tickle our minds and hearts with their looks and sometimes we can’t help but be attracted to them. A celebrity crush will be of course, only a crush (not unless you’re also a celebrity or something). They are far from our reach and in all honesty, we don’t really want to be with them. We’re more than content to have them just a celebrity crush who tickles our fancies. In fact, I don’t think that we ever dream about having a shot at them. In the same way, there are people who we have a crush on that are not necessarily celebrities, but we just want to have a crush on. It’s like a version of the happy crush. It may be whoever – your boss, your friend’s hot mom, the register at your Starbucks, etc. I mean you won’t date your friend’s mom but she can be a crush right? Right? You won’t date her right?!


Have you ever had a crush on an athlete? How about a musician? A writer? (wink wink) You can have a crush on someone mainly because of his or her talent. Because they seem so good with what they’re doing, their level of attractiveness increases. You don’t need to do a psychology to experiment to agree with me. Often times you can’t even explain it. Some of the crushes you have may not look attractive at all but somehow because they sing well, do magic tricks, speak in front of crowds, sound incredibly smart, play football well, or write well (here here!), or any other thing they might be good at, you feel the attraction. I remember back in college that I used to have this crush on one of the players of the women’s basketball of our school. She might not be the prettiest one on the team but she sure can play ball. She was a terrific defender and an instant scorer. I was just amazed with how she plays every time that I can’t help but be a fan.


The forever crush is the one you have with your girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife. Of course one might start off as a kaboom crush but eventually the looks sort of fade away through time or because of the longevity of your relationship, a simple look doesn’t spark that same old feeling. In other words, this is the part after the honeymoon stage in the relationship has passed. In any case that person is still your crush right? Even years later you can still consider that person your number one and undisputed crush. Despite the time that has passed that person still holds a special place in your heart. This my friends can also be called love. In all essence, your forever crush is more often than not the love of your life.


We all have different types of crushes, some are small that we contain so that the world wouldn’t know and there are some that we just want to scream at the top of our lungs. Crushes can be tricky, annoying, tiring, enjoyable, and even joyful. A crush stays a crush until you make your move friend.

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4 thoughts on “What Are The Different Types of Crushes?

  1. bianca says:

    The dengue fever crush :)) I love that

  2. litadoolan says:

    Never thought of there being different types of crushes. Makes a lot of sense! The forever crush is perhaps the coolest! Great post.

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