Why Ask?

There is a question in our choices asking what it is we want to do with our lives. It is a beckoning question that needs our attention whether we want to answer it or not. Some were created on this earth for specific missions and direct callings but there is a huge chunk of people who don’t have a clue where to start. There might be more who say that by mere entertaining this question is a waste of time. Or better yet we do not want to ask merely because we do not want the answer and afraid of what that answer entails to us. There is not only a fear of failure, but there is also a fear of success.

The choices we make, big or small, point us to the very answer of that pending question or any other questions for that matter. The decisions we make have more often than not have invisible repercussions to not only ourselves but to the people around us. As we go through the rigorous demands of everyday living, our souls cry out ever so often to figure out a solution. That is why we lie awake in the middle of the night wondering if the choices we made were correct that led to this specific moment in time. It is a mixture of satisfaction, regret and a sense of longing for something more, to something towards real.

As all humans, we want the answers to our questions to be real and something we can hang on to. We want to be it astounding like a miracle or even as small as a whisper that only we can hear. We want it to be real as touching and feeling someone we love close to us or even somebody just looking at us to make us feel wanted. We stretch out our hands to the intangible and hoping we catch even just a glimpse of freedom. We want answers, acknowledgements, security, love, and enlightenment. It is in the vagueness of reality that we want the seen to be seen and the unknown to be known.

It is not simply the journey of answering the questions in our lives but also the mere fact of asking them. We ask because we are curious. We ask because we do not the answers. We ask because the depths of our souls need to be satisfied.


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