What Are Normal Days?

As the Christmas hangover starts to melt away in our brains, the challenge of the new year begins. The smoke and unavoidable Christmas fat has now settled upon us and we have to clear everything up. The big question after New Year’s is: what now?

Some have taken on this year with a vengeance; taking on everything and anything in order to achieve their goals for the year. The undeniable feeling of hope still rests upon us like holiday leftovers. It’s still there but you also know that soon enough, they’ll be gone. Sooner or later, we will all be heading into what I call “Normal Days.” Indulge me for a little bit while I explain my “Normal Days” idea.

Normal Days are what I like to call days that have seemingly no significant in your life (or so it seems):

  • These are the days with no specific holiday or season
  • Nothing happens too stressful or too joyful in your job or school
  • After the honeymoon stage in the relationship when things can get delightfully comfortable or conventionally boring with your significant other
  • You don’t notice the days or weeks that pass by
  • No big news that will actually make you care about the world even for a second
  • Another sequel or prequel is showing meaning there are no really good movies showing
  • Things have become a routine
  • Etc, etc, etc

In a year, there will be stretches when you’ll go on a winning streak or losing streak. But I believe most of the time, you’ll ease into whatever situation you are in and stay there for a bit. It’s like getting a new phone. It’s sleek and cool and all that jazz at the start. You may even show it to a couple of friends here and there. You’ll check out the different apps and what else you can download. You’ll fiddle with the camera and taking a picture of everything in sight. Plus, you’ll be in extra defensive mode whenever you hold it because you’re afraid of every scratch that it might get. However, as time passes on, after you’ve received about the hundredth call, your new phone isn’t new anymore. It’s as simple as that. By this time, you’ve been through numerous experiences with it. It may have been with you through a new girl you just met, been with you alone in a bar after getting dumped by that same person, then with you again as another new girl comes along. That was a long example but just like our home, car, job, or phone, we settle into the year on the Normal Days – the seemingly pointless day-to-day grind that we hardly notice.

Getting into Normal Days isn’t necessarily a good thing or a bad thing. You can be in a routine and still be okay. You’ll just be in a cycle probably with work-wife/husband-kids-holidays-vacations and so on and so forth. Not really a bad thing right? It may sound mediocre or adventure-less but hey, not like it’s work-wife/husband-affair with another lover-getting drunk or anything like that (Or is it? Gulp). Normal Days can be good and they can be bad over a period of time. Slowly, the Normal Days will inevitably turn into Good Days or Bad Days.

It’s important to know what kind of “Days” you are in. The trap of Normal Days is that because they’re not high points or low points in your year, you may forget where you’re headed or where you’ve been. Normal Days make you blink for a second as the world and everyone else can pass by. I believe life becomes incredibly fast the moment we fail to notice that we’re in the Normal Days.

So this year, I’ll try to notice more Normal Days in my life not just the Good Days or Bad Days. Somehow, Normal Days can add up to greater things one day even though we can’t notice them right now.

And with that, have an awesome Normal Day!


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