What Makes Your Christmas Special?

Everyone wants to have a perfect Christmas – perfect presents, perfect dinner, and perfect little family. It’s natural and it’s even human nature. Even though there are a few imperfections here in there, people just want to make the season extra special. Our wanting to have a certain kind of Christmas makes the season personal and something we can call our own so that by the end of the day we can say “Yeah, I had a great Christmas, how about you?”

Christmas is subjective as much as it is objective. Though it is a season commonly celebrated by everyone, each individual has his or her own wish lists every Christmas. Everyone wants a family to spend time with, parties to go to, dinners to attend, and presents to open, and so on and so forth. But we all know that each year, there’s a possibility that each Christmas will be different. Maybe your brother won’t be home this year, maybe your dad got a Christmas bonus, maybe you finally get one of those ipad things, and the possibilities go on. They may be good things or they may be bad as something like a relative passing away this year.

What’s inside of us that make us want to make Christmas so special? Or is it the other way around wherein what’s with Christmas that makes us seem obliged to make it perfect? Somehow the season has a voice of its own and makes a people a little bit merrier than normal. Words like forgiveness, giving, care, and love are often forgotten not until the month strikes December.

Do you think people act a certain way just because it’s Christmas? You’ve heard the phrase, “people do crazy things when they’re in love,” but I bet it can also be applied in Christmas! People do things out of the ordinary during this season. You see businessmen donating money to charities, people volunteering in homeless shelters, families reunited, friend forgiving friend, and more. Not to take anything away from any of these activities, but somehow they just seem more common in Christmas. Maybe it’s the season, maybe it’s us, or maybe it’s both.

In any case, it’s your life and it’s essentially your Christmas. Maybe this year is special but then again maybe it’s not. Maybe everything seems perfect but then again maybe it’s just another ordinary time. The season is special in its own right and the time now you spend with the people who care for you is special. Whatever situation you’re in, don’t take it personally. Besides, it’s not your birthday anyway.

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