How Do You Wash Your Hands?



“How do you wash your hands?” he asked me.

I reply, “Um, like a normal person. I just wash them like a regular guy.”

The other day I had a meeting with a few people who wanted me to write for them. After the meeting, I wandered in the mall for an hour or so because I had to wait for a friend of mine who I was meeting up with. I was headed towards the ATM machine when a guy comes over and gives me a pamphlet. You know, those things that sales people give when they’re selling a car or a condominium. This guy however was selling skin products.

I had time to spare so I indulge him in his sales making skills. His product comprised of material from the Dead Sea. If you didn’t know, water or material from the Dead Sea makes your skin healthier. It’s the composition and the sheer amount of salt that makes the place and its products famous.

Before anything else, he introduced himself as Jericho (coincidentally the name of his product is “Jericho.” Maybe he’s the owner? I didn’t bother to ask). He was a thin and tall man and looked healthy as the products he was trying to sell. He was a foreigner, not from anywhere in the Philippines, and he talked like a foreigner too. Think of a Saturday Night Live sketch with a cast member playing an Israeli and you can imagine the accent. True enough, he explains that he hailed from Israel thus his products were from Israel themselves. We had about a 30-second small talk conversation about how old I am and where I lived and all that stuff.

He went on to demonstrating me how his products work. He took this container which had looked like tiny pink crystals.

“Give me your hand sir.”

I willingly obliged.

“Now scrub your hands like what would you do with soap.”

The “crystals” felt a bit strange, like scrubbing sand all over the hands. He sprayed water over as I was cleaning. He explained a bunch of stuff with regards to its benefits, but to be honest I was too concerned with the scrubby feeling in my hands then listening to him.

Afterwards, he showed the bowl in which I cleaned my hands and there was liquid into it. I thought this was obviously the water he sprayed. He explained however, that this was the oil that’s left in our hands. Oil? Much like our faces, our bodies including our hands have a lot of dirt and oil into them that we barely notice. This Dead Sea pink stuff is used to eliminate all the dirt, oil, and unwanted bacteria.

After the pink crystal stuff, it was on to the lotion and nail cleaner. If I was a girl, this ought to be similar to a day at the salon! Okay, I’m kidding. The lotion he used on me looked any other lotion at first. He placed some gooey stuff on my left arm while placing a regular lotion on my right. He took a towel and said, “My friend, don’t scream.”

Don’t scream? What the heck is this going to do? Is this going to burn my skin?

He continues, “promise me don’t scream my friend.”

“I um, okay?” I replied hesitantly.

He scraped off the lotion and to my surprise the results were amazing! The regular lotion felt like… well, regular and ordinary while his lotion felt incredibly smooth. It wasn’t the type of smooth wherein it’ll only last a couple of minutes just like a regular lotion but it was uniquely different. I was smiling stupidly when he said “See? It’s good no? I told you don’t scream.”

Again, I’m a guy so I don’t really know if there are current lotions out their on the market that are also unique in their own way. He told me that this is perfect for women and even men can use lotions and scrubs. Especially in the arms and the elbow he says for these are the ones that need tending. In my mind I agreed because I remember my ex girlfriend giving me lotion to make my skin smoother but also specifically for the skin on my elbows. At this point, his production presentation was pretty spot-on.

For his last product, Jericho asked me to give him my fingernails. He took my thumb and he started brushing on it. I thought it was some sort of nailbrush but after a few seconds he returned my thumb and lo and behold, my fingernail was shining. It was shining as if I just had a manicure. It was so clean and sparkling that I had to smile. This wasn’t like a manicure he told me. He took a bottle of nail polish remover and applied it to my sparkling nail and it didn’t disappear!

At the end of it all, he told me the price and said he has a special package just for me. Of course I knew that this was just a selling technique and he probably said this “special price” every time he gets a hold of a potential customer.

“My friend I’m sorry. I love your stuff but I just don’t have the money.” I sadly had to turn him down because it was a bit too expensive for my liking. So I took my freshly cleaned hands and arms, together with my shining thumb, and set off.

When I finally met up with my friend. I immediately told her this story and even showed my shining fingernail.

“Pretty cool right?” I asked her

“Yeah, that’s nice.” She said.

She did sound impressed with the whole story about the stuff that came from Israel’s Dead Sea but when I really thought about it, who really cares? Haha. I’m just a regular joe cleaning my hands with good old fashioned soap and water. If what you have is something that you needed to show another person, then it’s not really worth showing at all unless they notice it themselves. Who has time to look at your hands anyways? All I have now is a shining thumb. In the end I’m just a regular guy washing his hands in a regular way and I could care less.


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