What Are You Willing To Give Up?

The giving of donations when tragedies strike mirrors who we are as Christians and what we are willing to give to others. Jesus did say that whatever you do for the poor, you also do it for Him.

However, it’s easy to give up things we don’t really need. We can give our old clothes, extra food, or even extra money. It’s unchallenging to give when we have more. Well, what if God did ask you just that? It’s one thing to say, “Lord, I offer my life” and we all know it is another thing to live it out. It’s difficult because we have our own wants and desires that we keep for ourselves.

Maybe it’s a sin that you’ve been carrying, a past hurt, an addiction, or maybe you haven’t forgiven those who have wronged you and that’s what’s keeping you from pursuing Christ. I’ll go even a step further and maybe it’s your money, your job, church ministry, or even your family. Whatever it is that we put first before Christ is a form of idolatry and we have to be willing to give those things up. I’m not saying God will take away your job or anything like that, but from that begs the question of – if God will take away the one thing you love the most, will your relationship with Him stay the same? Let’s say your marriage falls apart or you get bankrupt, is the love of Christ still your security? Remember Abraham when God asked him to give up his son? Are you willing to do the same?

The victims of the recent typhoon had to answer all these questions. God literally took everything away from them. We have to understand God can do anything He wants. And with that, we put everything on His feet and trust Him with all our hearts. Maybe in the course of life, you can really say that you’ve given up everything for Christ.


*This post is what I wrote for our Church’s bulletin, Word Circular for the December-January issue. I also wrote another article “What Can Ordinary People Do?” but it’s just a shorter version of one of my previous works here with the same title. Thanks to Kyleen for letting me write and to print not one but two of my works!


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