What If Christmas Time Isn’t Actually… Christmas Time?

Let me start off by asking, did you know that Christmas isn’t technically supposed to be celebrated in December? If you go back to the history of how the whole tradition of Christmas began, the birthday of Jesus is not December. In reality it was supposedly during the middle of the year. I’m not sure which month exactly but it was maybe between May and August. I believe it was the Roman Catholic Church who moved the date so that it would fit better in the Christian calendar or so that it signified the end of the winter solstice. I’m not exactly sure of the history of this and you can go ahead and research for yourself but it’s kind of interesting don’t you think? It’s celebrating someone’s birthday on a totally different date.

Can you imagine if we decided to have Christmas on July 25 for example? That would be so weird. That would go against everything we thought of for Christmas. Everyone has their own thing when deciding it’s actually Christmas – when the kids start singing carols, when you hear that famous jingle on your car, or when the decors are up in your house, and the list goes on. Every little that makes a Christmas special has to be set up at just the perfect time. Now if we have it in the middle of the year, I can’t even begin to imagine what would happen. If you’re American or living somewhere where it snows and you celebrate Christmas when it’s not snowing, then that would look really weird.

Another strange idea that popped into my head is what if we have two Christmases in a year? That wouldn’t work right? Try Christmas shopping twice in a year. I also don’t believe offices will spend two bonuses in a span of a couple of months. Plus, the season wouldn’t feel that special anymore.

You know what else is crazy? I have to admit that my family doesn’t recognize Christmas in December. Now how does that work you may ask. Well, no gifts, no decors, no Christmas lights, no Noche Buena (a Spanish tradition wherein a midnight meal takes place every Christmas eve, no nothing. I mean of course my parents still give gifts to their offices and stuff like that to make them seem normal and we do have a mini reunion with my mother’s side on Christmas day, but other than that, that’s it. No presents on Christmas day yo! Now we weren’t always like this but one day my mom just went to my room and frankly said we’re not having a Christmas tree this year because of so and so. I’ll go Freudian with this one because I was maybe a teenager at that time and that was like an arrow to the heart and that sting bugs me till now. I guess now that I’m older I kind of get her point, but still, I’m a bit disheartened with a tradition that I know means something. More than the carols, the decors, and the presents, it truly is a season of giving and spending time with each other and that’s what I miss the most.

I don’t want to sound too depressing, but like always, I’m just here pondering the questions for people and ask what if their favorite time of the year is not in the right time of the year. It’s something to think about. Maybe it’s as simple as “thank goodness there’s only one Christmas because of the shopping” or as deep as “I’m grateful we only have it once a year because that’s what makes it special.” Besides I shouldn’t feel all that bad to it because it isn’t my birthday anyway. In any case, have a wonderful December. As for me, I’ll be okay alone with a couple of beers on Christmas eve. 😉




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