If You Were a Kind of Food, What Would You Be?

There are many ways to get to know someone. Whether you know a person all your life or meeting someone for the first time, you can quickly gauge what kind of person he or she is. That person may be easy to talk to, fun to hang out with, or a special friend that you’ll treasure for many years to come.

In psychology, there are also fun techniques to get to know someone. These are not your typical sit down counseling moments or giving someone advice, but easy and actually fun ways to get a person to tell more than meets the eye. My old psychology blockmates and I use a psychology test to play around and make fun. I’m not sure if it’s a personality test or a projection test exactly but in any case, it’s still a fun exercise. Basically you and your friends ask the question “what kind of food are you?” You can ask this directly to the person you are asking or you can ask about someone to see how he or she views that person. 

Well on one way, it’s kinda boring if you ask a friend what kind of food he is right? That’s barely funny and not really entertaining. What my friends ask is something like “if you’re ex girlfriend/boyfriend was a food what would he/she be?” or “if the seatmate you really hate was a food,” etc. Of course, an explanation right after is a must! You can’t say that person is fried chicken and not explain why on earth he or she is a fried chicken. It always brings a lot of college memories back and it’s interesting how we view each other as friends. Plus, it brings gossip or issue on each other’s past or current crushes. Haha. Our answers varied from siomais, beer, hotdog with marshmallow, rice, desserts, and so many other random hilarious dishes.

You see, when we describe a girlfriend/boyfriend, enemy, random friend, sister/brother or whoever it is as a kind of food or dish, it actually tells more about yourself and how you feel towards that person rather than that person itself.

Maybe you can try out with your friends and see what answers they come up with. As for me, I won’t share here what kind of food the closest people are to me. I’ll have to explain plus it’s not funny when it’s typewritten. Anyway, I’ll be learning how to make leche flan this week from my aunt! And for anyone who knows me, leche flan is my all time favorite dessert and I only eat the one from my aunt. Saying that another leche flan from a bakeshop or a restaurant is better than my aunt is simply blasphemous to me. Haha. It’s that good I tell you. I’ll finally learn how to make one and the best part is that I can eat it all. I ought to say that if I were a dish I would be a leche flan, but no, that’s not for me. 🙂


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