What’s So Great About Thursdays?

In our modern day calendar, there are seven days a week. These are seven individual days with each one different from the other. A Monday is a Monday, a Tuesday is a Tuesday, and so on. Now when you talk to any sensible person, man or woman, child or adult, 90% would probably say that there three most favorite days are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. In other words, the weekend. I included Friday because it’s essentially the same – you go out, get drunk, smoke pot, and do shit you’ll regret. Haha. It’s perfectly normal to love the weekends but I have an issue on people who live for the weekends. You know, the ones that drag their butts off for the entire week just to get a small glimpse of freedom on a weekend out. It’s like getting a smoke: you light one up to get away from your stress but when the light’s out, the problem stays. A weekend blows past you and it’s Monday all over again. Well, this issue is for another writing but I’m here to talk about the wonderful day that is a Thursday.

Ironically, I know one person who loves Thursdays. I mean she absolutely loves it. Not a Friday, not a Saturday, and not a Sunday. This is a real surprise to me because who in the right mind would love Thursdays? You can have just simply love Fridays since a Thursday is so close to a Friday anyway. Loving a Thursday is almost like saying I like Monday mornings. It’s a drag, a weight, a big lump that you have to carry to get yourself over the hump and into a Friday night of going out.

This friend of mine was Joey and so I go ask her, “Why do you like Thursdays? Dapat nag Friday ka na lang”

Then she replies, “Bukod sa malapit siya sa Friday, para siyang November ng taon. Climax ng libro.”

She gives a bunch of other examples like a couple of texts more but then it hit me. It hit me like a train. I just suddenly got it. Basically what she was trying to say is that she loves Thursdays so much because of all the excitement it could bring.

It’s that rush before that one thing you’re waiting for. It’s the one deep breath before a first kiss, it’s the mixture of excitement and YOLO moment right before you take a shot of alcohol, it’s the helplessness right before your mother scolds you, it’s the silence before the scream leaves your mouth when a rollercoaster goes for the dive, it’s the countdown before Christmas eve. And I can go on and on but by now you get the point right? It’s that one moment before you dive in and experience whatever it is you’re about to experience. But more than that, there’s also a feeling of uncertainty that you’re not quite sure with what you’re about to experience.

For instance, let’s say you’re in the moment of reading through a climax of the book. Now the only thing certain is that you’re going to finish the book. However, you won’t know how it’ll end. The lead character can die or he can save the girl or anything. You just won’t really now but the feeling of excitement that you’re about to read is the turning point of the book is right there. Take another example: the very essence of a Thursday is that it is just one day before a Friday. It’s merely 24 solid hours before that final day of work. Let’s say you’re supposed to go out on Friday night and you’ve planned this with you’re friends for a couple of weeks now. The feeling of excitement probably arrives around Thursday and you can’t wait to go out the next night to relieve your stress. However, there’s also the possibility of having a friend suddenly back out or your boyfriend suddenly has an unexpected event that he can’t cancel. Then again you might have the best weekend of your life after that unsure Thursday. It’s the perfect calm before the storm or the deafening silence before the fireworks light up the sky. In other words, the only thing certain is the uncertainty.

So the next time you think about Thursday, I dare you to think again. The next time you try to live for the weekends, think about a Thursday. Maybe now you’ll have four favorite days of the week. Who knows maybe one day liking a Monday morning wouldn’t be so bad. I myself have come to like Mondays now. Well, anyway, that’s for another entry.

Let me end this entry by using one of her messages, “I love Thursdays eh… ang saya niya… parang patalon ka pa lang.” So it’s a Friday plus the weekend is just around the corner. Take a deep breath then jump!


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