If You Could Only Pick Three TV Channels What Would They Be?

There are probably a hundred channels in each TV set of a middle class family today. There’s a channel for cooking, basketball, game shows, your favorite TV series, history, heck I think there’s even a channel devoted to horse racing. With the numerous channels you can choose from, what would be your three favorite?

Now, I don’t really watch TV nowadays but it’s a good question to ponder on. Imagine if you’re on a business trip and get stuck in a hotel for a couple of days with limited cable you’d wish it will have all your favorites. I know that’s what I used to do when I go on provincial trips. Turn on the TV and flick through the channels.

I got sick a couple of days ago and those were the rare moments I got to watch TV again. I realized that I only browse through a couple of channels and that made me wonder which were the ones I really like.

So here are my three channels:

1)   BTV

Basketball has always been a huge part of my life and having a channel that contains everything and anything about basketball is a must. Though it does not contain any Philippine league, the NBA would be more than enough. As I’ve said earlier, I don’t watch TV nowadays and that’s including basketball games. Maybe I’m looking for new sports or new hobbies or maybe I just realized that there’s more to life than putting a ball through a hoop. In fact, I didn’t even know what happened to the UAAP or PBA championship till they were both over.

With regards to the NBA, maybe I’ll pay more close attention. It’s not that I totally prefer international play than local, in fact I only watch a few minutes of the games despite the NBA having a brand new season, but with the BTV there’s an entire channel devoted in giving updates, highlights, and more.

Then again maybe it’s only because my favorite player hasn’t come back yet. Someone message me when Kobe plays again.

2)   HBO

More than not watching TV nowadays, I also don’t really watch movies anymore. Probably the last time I went to a movie theater was around three months ago and I don’t see myself watching anything soon. But, movies are still a good pastime of mine and I like to get a glimpse of a movie every now and then.

It was a toss up between HBO or Star Movies but I choose the former one because it also has the “HBO Original Series.” 


When I spent nearly five days in the hospital a couple of months back, one of the channels I got stuck on was History Channel. I’ve always liked this channel but I got to know more of its shows (well probably because I was just lying in bed with a dextrose). And after I got out of the hospital, I kept on watching their shows. They are informational, funny, witty, and simply entertaining.


Though I don’t watch a lot of TV nowadays, these are probably the channels I’d choose.


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