Can Sun and Moon be One Transcending Star?

The Sun and The Moon


Once there was a Sun and there was a Moon

Both were revolving without each other knowing

Light in morning, night in the afternoon

They had no clue what the Heavens were brewing


The Sun was warmth, joy, but also has heat

The Moon was peace, stillness, but also has darkness

By fate, the Heavens decided they meet

The stars aligned, the Earth halted, which brought kindness


Their first meeting was not monumental

Not knowing how it was to be instrumental

How would the Sun with all its radiance

Coincide with the Moon with all its brilliance?


The bridge to be crossed seemed mountains apart

The Sun and its radiant shining beams

Could care less for the Moon and its blue cooling streams

But light and dark should play in a one part


By the Heavens’ mercies they trodden on

Sun feeling the coolness and stillness of the Moon

Moon feeling the warmth and joy of the Sun

Two stars colliding like singing a happy tune


On and on Sun happily greeted Moon

Every sunrise, every sunset

Every morning and until late afternoon

Not a time went by since the day they met


The light and the dark became united

Committed they were so not to be divided

Every morning they’d watch the children play

Every evening they’d guide them and led the way


Then the Moon said something quite so profound

The Sun could not even begin to believe

It is true cupid’s arrow has no bound

It pierces through the heart without reprieve


They loved each other the Moon and the Sun

The Shining Sun with its everlasting light

The Moon with the stillness of the night

Their union was filled with laughter and fun


The two shining stars uniting as one

This is what the Earth sees in every eclipse

The Sun and Moon locked in each other’s lips

Both giving everything, regrets they had none


Through time they did not leave each other’s side

Till one day the stars did not align anymore

The rules of loving no longer did they abide

Everything seemed wrong, there could be something more


How can the Sun with all its radiance

Now coincide with the Moon with a scarred hindrance?

How can an everlasting gleaming light

Be united with a shameful unending night?


Too soon they parted and the Heavens wept

Again and again they tried to rekindle the love

With a gushing wind their treasures were swept

Leaving nothing but only weeping stars above


How will the story of the two stars end?

Maybe through unceasing anguish and bitterness

One could guess if the other will bend

Or through kindness and understanding happiness


What was its purpose the stars and Earth asked

Can the fire and ice be ever united?

Can shining light and unending night be forged?

Was their love not meant to grow but just gorged?


Can Sun and Moon be one transcending star?

Is love so strong that it does not matter how far?

Can the Moon receive the Sun’s shining light?

Or can the Sun ever get the Moon’s cooling night?


But the Heavens did not give an answer

They remained still and quiet with the confusion

Now sadness creeps like a haunting cancer

Yesterday’s happiness now seem an illusion


Once there was a Sun and there was a Moon

Both are still revolving with each other knowing

Light in morning, night in the afternoon

They have no clue what the Heavens are brewing


Though time and memories pass in season

Still true love they knew, not needing any reason

Forever embedded in heart and mind

A treasured memory that is not hard to find


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