Have You Ever Wondered If You Were Adopted?

“What if you found out you were adopted? “ I asked this question to my officemate a couple of months back. I can’t remember what exactly we were talking about  but I was the one who asked this randomly and funny, I was the one who answered it also. I said, “Okay lang. Wala na eh, pinaaral na ako at pinakain kaya parang bale wala na kung malaman ko ngayon. Haha.” I mean, it wouldn’t matter now would it?

I’ll play around with this thought however. What if I was adopted and I had a different set of parents and siblings at the other side of the world.

Before I give out the different scenarios, let me give you a little background of the situation I was born into. I was born on August 8, 1988. That’s 8/8/88. Pretty cool right? Till this day, people still say I have a cute and unique birthday. From all of my friends or just random people, they would still be amazed. To Filipinos it will be just that: unique and cute. However, when you talk to Chinese people, it would be a whole different thing. To them, this particular birthday with these set of numbers is incredibly lucky. I think it’s the Chinese belief of the number 8 and having your birthday with four 8’s is something awesome. It is believed that this person will have a very lucky life. I have yet to confirm this with my own life, in fact, I think there have been more misfortunes. Maybe it’s because I have this birthday and not an authentic Chinese, who knows.

 On the day of my birth at the hospital, my dad was surrounded by a lot of Chinese dads. You can imagine, eve of August 7, 1988 and every Chinese man is hoping that there son or daughter gets born on August 8. When the nurse would come out of a room she would go “Congratulations Mr. Lee!” or “Congratulations Mr. Yu!” You know, a lot of Chinese people’s names. As I’ve set up this background, let’s take a look at my crazy theories:

 Crazy Theory 1: What if somehow I got exchanged with another baby during that time at the hospital? What if my father really wanted to have his kid have the special birthday so he made sure that he’d get one. Maybe my dad has a certain set of Chinese belief system so he got a baby from another Chinese family so that he’d have a boy with a special birthday. I know this sounds really stupid and silly but it would be amazingly ridiculous if this happened.

 Crazy Theory 2: What if I did came from a real Chinese family but then asked my parents to take care of me because of some complication? Maybe they had twins and they couldn’t support another child and now I have an unknown twin sister somewhere out there. Maybe my biological Chinese family has a strict one child rule (because they’re old school Chinese like that) and the only way to save me was to have me be adopted by a Filipino family.

Well, those are just two of my crazy ideas and I’m not going to share more of what’s going on in my weird head. I relayed the possibilities of having a Chinese family because I really look like one! Among all my immediate family members, I am the one who has the chinkiest eyes. My family’s eyes are a bit chinky but they could still pass as a Filipino. Another thing is my skin. If you’ve met me, I might be one of the whitest people you’ll ever meet who’s a “Filipino.” Don’t include if you have Chinese friends or other foreigners but only who you know that are Filipinos that have a whiter complexion.

In order to further explain my point, here are exhibits A and B: (Sorry for the quality of pictures, I have no digital files of them and our scanner is down so here’s the best of what I got)

Exhibit A:


Look at that little guy over there. I’m the one on the left, the small cute one. My eyes were so tiny even back then.

Exhibit B:


Now you might say everyone is cute or has tiny eyes when they are babies. So here’s a more grown up version of me. I’m obviously the one in the middle, the lost Chinese kid.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been asking my parents if there’s Chinese blood in our family and surprisingly they don’t have a clue. Maybe they’re hiding something from me. Maybe that’s why we’re a bit well off and able to send me to good school because of an old Chinese fortune. Okay, just kidding. But seriously though, my mom’s family comes from Pampanga and my dad is from Negros. So that plus that equals me? I don’t think I’ll ever understand that. For what it’s worth, it’s nice to think about crazy ideas if I was adopted. Maybe I have different world out there just waiting for me to look for them. My life can be a Pinoy teleserye wherein my parents will finally admit I was adopted or a Chinese woman suddenly knocks on our door.

Adopted or not, lucky or not, this is still my life to choose. Here’s one more picture of little old me. Foreshadowing of the future? Hehe




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