Are We Really That Old?

Age has and always will be a touchy subject. Particularly for grown ups that is. It is amazing that when we were young all we can think about is our next birthday and growing up but as adults we do everything we can to stay young.

I believe people generally worry about age because time is moving too fast and life is simply just too short. Age represents a certain period in our lives and if you’re age doesn’t match what we’re “supposed” to have achieved at this particular time, we feel old and at a loss. I put in quotations the word supposed because I believe this perception is pressed on us by society. We see celebrities, pioneers, and great thinkers of our time and match our lives to them. We aspire to be them in terms of achievements but not only that, but also in terms of how old they were able to achieve them.

What do we do then? I say set your own pace and your own goals. It’s true that life is short and we try to achieve everything because we always think time is running out. But don’t get bummed out if you’re not doing one thing at a certain time and at a certain age. I’m not saying it’s wrong to aspire for something more out of your life but you also have to appreciate everything that you have now. There’s a time to overachieve and a time to settle and you have to balance that out. Fall Out Boy’s song Rat a Tat puts it this way:

We’re all fighting growing old

We’re all fighting growing old

In the hopes to get a few minutes more to get on St. Peter’s List

But you need to lower your standards

Cause it’s never getting any better than this

Now it’s up to you admit that this has all life to offer or on the other hand you know in your heart that there’s more. At the same time, I say it’s also okay to grow up. Old people aren’t kidding when they say you mature and grow wisdom in the future (Though there are immature and childish old ones here and there). I mean think about it, do you really want to be stuck at a certain age? Stuck in high school? College? Or even a person below 30? You are where you’re supposed to be. Believe it.

Yes we’re that old, but we’re also that young at the same time. Age does not dictate what you can still do or what you haven’t done. It’s a reminder, a reminder telling us that life is too short not follow our dreams. When you’re alarmed at your age, your soul is merely telling you to do what you said you’d do. It may simple silly things to learn how to cook, how to drive, or even start a blog. Worse, you’re age is telling you stop pushing aside your goals in life to start a business, start a family, or just something you put your commitment to. Cheesy as this may sound but our age helps us remember to follow our hearts and essentially our dreams. So stop counting, and just live.


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